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We’ve all seen those big black limos zooming past us in traffic. Wondering what movie star or VIP was behind the tinted windows. Although your own chauffeur business you will probably have corporate passengers rather than celebrities. People need chauffeur driven cars for any number of reasons. Driving people to the airport, special events, and many more reasons.

 You  will require a special driver’s license, a drug screening test, as well as a background check. Your driving history should be clean and it’s a real advantage if you can speak a second language. Respecting other people’s privacy, having an umbrella handy when the training, and being personable with your passengers lead to more business and referrals.

 There are many franchises which have a much higher income and build equity quicker. There are a number of automobile related businesses which easily compete with the chauffeur business.

 The best way to get started is to initially operate a taxicab. This will require the same license as you need to be at chauffeur and the day-to-day routine will also be very similar. You can get started with the taxicab service very easily by calling yellow cab or some other service in your area and inquiring about driving a cab for them.

 The selection of the car is critical. The color might be black or white any other color and you will not get as many jobs. Start out with a used auto in good condition. You’ll find that most car manufacturers produce a limousine version of their most popular brands. Go with the most requested type a Lincoln or Cadillac.

 Marketing your new limousine business will be a make or break part of your business that is most important. It is important to have a good website optimized for your local market. Make an effort to collect reference will be asked for them. Join the national limousine Association. Keep your car spotlessly clean inside and out.

 What should you charge? You don’t have to be the cheapest to get business. Being dependable and on time is more important than the price.  Have a contract that specifies the pickup time drop-off and itinerary. It should also cover rates, cancellation policy and miscellaneous fees.

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