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How To Obtain Top Job Appointments With A Staffing Agency

In 21st century staffing trends are changing according to the market needs. In this century both employers and employees are changing their views regarding old staffing trends. Taking job search off of the web and out of the want ads and applying with top staffing agencies has become the first choice for job seekers. As staffing agencies build the relationships with in demand client companies and have a lot financially invested before the first temporaries are requested. So it becomes mandatory for these agencies to send only the very best candidates to provide the service. These highly skilled candidates are fixed in a rare position to get that permanent job they desire. So here’s how you can obtain those top appointments and get in to firms that you desire. In order to obtain your desired job you have to understand the objectives of Staffing Agency. Some of the objectives are as follows:

  • It is often observe that new applicants generally approach their staffing agencies completely unprepared in order to start their fresh job search. If the staffing agency is well known it will hardly take 30 second to analyze your resume and depending upon the resume decision of whether to interview you or not are taken. Agencies send resumes to their clients to promote their talent, so a resume that is poorly formatted or difficult to read is generally rejected.
  • Some candidates tend to sign up with well-known staffing agency and never check back in with them. By doing this you will loose contact with the agency and therefore a chance of great opportunity. If you keep in touch with your staffing agency, the agency will not forget your efforts and the next appointment that are temp to perm or direct hire will be offered to you first.
  • It is always good to keep yourself updated with latest skills. The more you update your skills, the more marketable you become to the agency. This updating attitude will lead you to the way to higher paying assignments and you will be able to prove your commitment to learning new skills to meet the needs of your employer.
  • Never forget to offer hand written personal yet professional thank you note to the agency after the interview. Staffing agencies rarely get thanked for their work, by doing this will again, keep you top of mind when new appointments are ordered. Staffing agencies in turn will want to appoint you with their best clients in hopes that you will extend their clients the same professionalism you have expressed to them.

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