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Definitely, if an air passenger has a travel complaint, for sure he is going to find a way for him to solve the problem. Probably, he will report the incident to the management or write a complaint letter to the airline or sue the airline maybe. Yet, the main solution here is for you to write an effectual airline complaint letter.

Planning thoroughly your airline complaint letter is, without a doubt, very important. You should plan well your letter for it will provide the reader the intuition that you are well-prepared to get the right solution for your travel complaints.

Without a shred of doubt, most of the passengers have a lot of complaints to take care of with regards to airline services. Some of these issues are poor customer service and flight delays and cancellations. Passengers are making ways to get the proper compensation that they deserve. Yet, most of the time they always end up losing the battle. If the company will just ignore your complaint, then take it to the small claims court.

Yes, you have the privilege to submit a letter of complaint against an airline for you and the company has a firm agreement before. This kind of agreement is the so-called « contract of carriage » statement.  You can find this contract in your very own ticket by simply flipping your air ticket.

The contract states and announces all the rules and regulations of a company. It also includes the proper treatment to customers. Thus, if you found any violations, then you have the right to file a complaint against the airline. You can actually state in your letter of complaint the exact rule which the company has violated.

In addition, you should make sure that your letter contains all the important information with regards to your situation. Make the letter formal and objective as possible and do not ever let your emotion hold back your goal.

Yet, if your airline complaint letter was still disregarded by the airline, then that would be the right time for you to take your complaint in small claims court.  You may hirelawyers to sue an airline company; yet, this might only give you a costly win.

For that matter, you can ask the assistance of Sue the Airline guide. Yes, this guidebook will teach you how to go properly in the processes of suing an airline. Through this, you will be able to obtain the proper compensation that you deserve.

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