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If you will need to go from Kiev to Kherson in winter time by train – There is only one regular train from Kiev to Kherson.

101/102 – it starts from Kiev at 21:44 and arrives to Kherson railway station at 10:15.

If you will need to go from Kherson to Kiev – it starts from Kherson at 20:36 and arrives to Kiev at 07:39.

Here aproximate prices for tickets from Kiev to Kherson (Dec of 2008):
1st class sleeping car (has sleeping places for 2 people, in russian pronouncing like “spal’nyi wagon”) – 330 ua grivnas;
2nd class (has sleeping places for 4 people) [in russian pronouncing like “coupe”] – about 100 grivnas
3rd class (has sleeping places for 6 people) [in russian pronouncing like “platzkart” or “platzkartnyi wagon”] – about 70 grivnas.

Another way to go to Kherson from Kiev and vice versa is a bus.

Kherson bus station, Kiev Kherson bus

One of my clients asked me to help him to go to Kiev. Train Kiev – Kherson did not suit him, because it starts in evening (20.36) and arrives next day on morning. But my client needs be in Kiev in evening of same day.

On Internet I found some buses from Kiev to Kherson, but there are additional summer buses.

On bus station of Kherson we learned time table of buses from Kherson to Kiev.
1) 10.50 bus starts from Kherson and arrives to Kiev at 20.40;
2) 20.40 bus starts from Kherson and arrives to Kiev about 8.00;
Ticket costs about 140 ua grivnas.

You will need buy ticket on bus station in office of “Gunsel” company (you will see their office by logo of company). This company has comfortable buses “Man” with their logo onboard.

Picture in your mind, bus and train schedules are changing from time to time. If you dont want to depend on buses or trains or you arrive to Kiev very late, we can offer transportation (taxi) from Kiev to Kherson by comfortable car with professional driver. Our service will  meet you in Kiev airport or will pick up from your hotel/apartment in Kiev  and will take directly to your hotel or apartment in Kherson.

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