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Air transportation has grown from a luxury into a necessity in our modern world. The attitude toward private jet chartering has changed. Once a lavish and expensive privilege for the few, today’s charter flights are practical and beneficial for everyone.

You may have a dozen reasons for chartering your next flight: business or personal, your company is saving money, or you’re celebrating a special occasion. Whether you are concerned about time, flexibility, or safety, privacy, rest assured a private jet meets your needs.

Demonstrate unsurpassed independence. Depart and arrive when it is convenient for you. You’ll be able to leave when you please, not when you can find an available flight.

Reserving a private jet charter is easy, even fun. Pick your own starting point and destinations. Fly alone or bring your associates or family. Plan a round-trip flight or an « empty leg, » or a one-way flight.

The biggest issue in air travel today is safety. Commercial airports rightly implement protective measures for traveling citizens. Though understandable and necessary, they can be inconvenient. Removing shoes, unpacking and repacking your carry-on luggage, and demonstrating the use of your laptop takes up precious time. You may even be required to arrive to the airport hours early. By chartering your next flight, save time with no traveling through airport terminals, losing luggage, or risking late arrival times.

Rest assured that chartered jets take a personal approach to passenger safety. A commercial airliner’s goal is to provide a rapid mass transit solution at a cost to the passenger. But charter flights aim to provide the best customer satisfaction.

While most business people work while flying, a commercial airplane is not an office. You wouldn’t check your private email on the city bus. Companies spend millions of dollars on security; don’t compromise the safety of your private information by working on your laptop within view of half a dozen other people.

Chartering a private flight ensures the confidentiality of your business. You can have peace of mind when working during your private flight. Save even more time by conducting your business meeting onboard. Streamline productivity and allow the charter company to arrange your ground transportation as well.

Plan a personalized trip. Charter a private flight for your family or group. Private chartering works with your destination to ensure you can escape to even the most exotic getaways. Chartering is an ideal choice for private romantic vacations. It’s also practical for traveling with many children, traveling with special medical needs, the handicapped, or the elderly.

Many sizes of luxury jets and helicopters are available for short notice chartering. With such a selection, you are sure to find the perfect match for your flying needs. And with the personal attention to exceptional service, charter flights will gladly accommodate your additional requests.

Achieve the benefits of private jet flights without the responsibility of ownership. You don’t have to own a jet to take advantage of superior air transportation. There are no membership fees, no business investments, no maintenance fees, and no pilots’ license. Jet chartering is the carefree way to enjoy traveling again.

Join the thousands of travelers who have already experienced the benefits of chartering their air travel needs with a private jet. Take advantage of the freedom to plan your own travel schedule while still exceeding your needs for safety. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, you are guaranteed the personalized attention that can only be provided by chartering a private jet.

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