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For people who travel a lot in flights this can come handy. It is very difficult to keep ourselves patient for long hours at airport. Airport industry is a huge one. They should work perfectly to take you to your destination. So there are a lot of security checks and validation that needs to take place before you can enter your flight. Many domestic airlines require you to be at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight time. The airport shuttle services like San Francisco airport shuttle come in handy at this point of time. San Francisco airport shuttle service drops you at the airport 3 hours before the flight time. But how do you kill this time until you take up your flight? Here are some ideas;

Have a snack and in-between to keep your energized. Do not think the waiting time as a waste of time for yourself. Think differently. Relive your past joyful moments. Think of someone who you love and care the most. Time will fly away in those thoughts.

Buy few newspapers or magazines. This is the right time to read up all the news that you missed for days. Keep yourself updated at this precious waiting time. You can read your favorite authors too. There are humpty numbers of book stalls in airport. There is no doubt that they will keep your attention.

Or just pull out your music player and listen to your favorite hits. Your hand phone can be of great help too. You can play games and wile away the waiting time. If you can access internet on your hand phone then you will be upset that you need to put if off when its time to fly.

If you are too tired, then catch up with some sleep. Do not be shy and keep yourself wide awake for vanity. Nobody cares. Just have a nap. Do not forget to keep an alarm on your hand phone. This will remind you that you need to take a flight. Many people miss their flights by napping away at the airport. So don’t commit this huge mistake.

Some airports help keep you entertained like music shows, games arcade ad aquarium. You can attend music shows that offer soothing music to your ears. If you love fishes then aquariums are a heaven. You can watch the fishes and eat the waiting time away.

There are a few airports that have games hall and kids area. You can enjoy indoor games such as chess, carom, checkers, etc. They might charge you an extra fee though. The kid’s area usually has climbing towers for your kids to keep themselves entertained. Or try shopping at the duty free shopping centers. They are a great buy.

Utilize the waiting period with a fun touch. It will keep your spirits high.

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