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Horse racing partnerships from Blinkers On Racing Stable let you in on the thrill of horse racing without requiring the expertise to manage horse ownership yourself. Our professional staff of expert managers and racing veterans ensures that your investment is in good hands, letting you enjoy horse racing with other racing enthusiasts in a thoroughbred racing partnership.

Blinkers On Racing Stable is composed of a team of experts in the field that are always ready to help get you started in experiencing the thrills of a horse racing partnership. Blinkers On Racing Stable was founded by Scott Sherwood, an entrepreneur that previously operated a multi-million dollar retail sporting goods company. Sherwood’s 25 years of experience in retail is accompanied by the horse racing expertise of Greg Gilchrist, the thoroughbred buyer and trainers Mike Puype and Terry Knight. Gilchrist holds the responsibility of selecting the finest horses available through seasonal auctions, bringing you candidates for your horse racing partnership after carefully assessing each athlete himself. Gilchrist hosts a resume that includes over 1,500 wins and over thirty years of experience in starting more than 6,500 horses.

At Blinkers On Racing Stable, we combine business knowhow with experience in horse racing to give you the industry’s premier choice in horse racing partnerships. We sell a percentage of interest in each of the thoroughbreds in our stable and from that point on you pay your pro rata share of horse related expenses that covers essential expenses like blacksmiths, veterinary bills, legal fees and insurance. Blinkers On gives our partners methods of profit like purse earnings [that are based on performance] or through the sale of a successful horse to interested buyers. Every thoroughbred is completely conditioned for competition by our trainers and balances the animal’s welfare with the kind of preparation it needs to excel. For complete details on our horse racing partnerships model, visit www.BlinkersOn.com.

Stop by the official Blinkers On Racing Stables website to learn more about our company and the horse racing partnerships available for you to participate in. We’ve provided complete details on the structuring of our horse racing partnerships as well as information on the background of our business, its previous successes in the industry and helpful links that give you a good representation of the racing world. The Blinkers On webpage also lets you take a look at what goes into raising a thoroughbred and preparing it for the track through behind the scenes workout videos and more.

With Blinkers On Racing Stable, you can enjoy horse racing partnerships that give you the excitement of competition without worrying about the daily work, complex details and strategies that go into raising and racing a successful athlete. We’re excited to help you get involved with this exciting sport today and look forward to hearing from you soon.

For more information on Blinkers On Racing Stable or to sign up for one of our horse racing partnerships today, visit BlinkersOn.

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