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There are times when your home sustains damage that makes it uninhabitable and in need of extensive repairs. While you undoubtedly are covered by homeowner’s insurance, there are some things that even your insurance policy does not cover. Or, you have not been able to keep up with maintenance costs, so you skipped doing some repairs; and what was a smaller maintenance repair becomes a major home repair. A repair may be urgent, and you may not have the funds to get it done, and this is where you may be able to use a home repair grant. These grants are distributed either by the government or by a private party, and they never need to be repaid. To receive a grant, you will have to qualify for it, and each grant has different eligibility requirements. However, if you do qualify for one, you may be able to get those long needed repairs done to your home sooner rather than later.

Grants from the Government

If you are looking for a government grant, you want to start with the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD. They can help you find government grants that are available and explain how you may qualify. In some cases HUD will pay actually just pay for your repairs. You can find them online or through your local state resources. If you go to their website, you can actually download the applications. If you are trying to deal with repairs that were caused by a natural disaster, then the Federal Emergency Management Agency, of FEMA, is the federal agency that you would deal with. Again look online, or contact your state resources to connect with the opportunities that FEMA offers.

Grants for Seniors

If you are a senior citizen, which in this case is 55 years or older, you may qualify for a home repair grant. Frequently, those older citizens who are retired and living on a fixed income find the need to look for help to pay their home repairs. Begin by looking locally. Many cities have programs that are set up specifically to assist their senior population. Opportunities range from a single home repair grant to ongoing assistance. Check with your local and city resources to find information for your area.

Grants for the Disabled

If you are disabled, there are many programs that are available to help you with your home repair. Again, start looking locally. You will find local agencies and private parties offering grants and assistance in your area.

Private Grants

There are times when successful businesses or individuals, in an effort to give a little back to their communities, assemble home repair grants through the private sector. While you may have to do a little searching, these grants are available in many communities. Check with your local chamber of commerce or service organizations in your area. You may also find businesses that offer material and labor cost free to those qualifying for assistance with home repairs.

Do Your Research

You can do a lot of the research online to find grants that are available in your area. Sometimes all it takes is a quick Internet search to find some good grant options that may work for you when you need to repair your home.

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