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Mention Burgundy, and the first thing you think of is wine. It is not surprising really, Burgundy wine is blamed all over the world and wines such as Chablis and Beaune come from this area of ​​France.

Located in central-eastern France, southeast of Paris, Burgundy covers the region from Sens and Auxerre in the north, and south to Macon and is one of the wealthiest regions of France; Mainly because of the successful wine industry and the amount of tourists it contracts.

Burgundy villages such as Chablis, are famous for their wine-tasting and producing, however it is important to stress that there is more to the region than wine, even if that was the sole purpose of your visit!

Non-wine attractions

Through Burgundy, there are a host of cities and that are home to some of France's most beautiful historical and architectural sites. In Cote d'Or for example, the Fontenay Abbey is arguably one of France's finest abbeys and historical sites.

Yonne also has some of the most beautiful medieval architecture in the region, with traditional castles in the form of Ancy-le-France castle and the Tanlay castle. Like Cote d'Or, Yonne also boasts some beautiful abbeys with the Vezelay and Pontigny Abbeys.

However while the north may be famous for its above attractions, the southern part of Burgundy still has a lot to offer.

Less well-known than the abbey at Cote d'Or, is the Cluny Abbey in Saone-et-Loire. Not as well-known as the Fontenay Abbey, the Clunny Abbey still has a lot to offer the casual visitor as does the area's other beautiful religious monuments, such as the Paray-le-Monial basilica, the church at Anzy-le-Duc and Even the Roman ruins at Autun, which shows how far the region's history goes back.

Natural beauty

Nearby villages of Saulieu, Chateauneuf-en-Auxois and Semur-en-Auxois also boast areas of spectacular natural beauty, with the Morvan regional park being one of Burgundy's most beautiful areas. In fact, the nearby town of Flavigny was once classified as the 'the most beautiful village in France'.

Nievre also contains areas of vast natural beauty, with the landscape made up of small-scale agricultural endeavors along the region's woodlands and rolling fields.

However, it's not just small towns that make up the dynamic of the region. Towns such as Beaune and Dijon contribute to the local economy with their individual products, being wine and of course, the world-famous Dijon mustard.

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