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The worst part of hiring a headhunter is that you still have to go through the hiring process. There are a ton of different headhunters, and they operate on widely fluctuating terms and prices. It’s important to understand those terms before you embark on what could be a very costly project.

Above all, make sure that you understand the price when you’re hiring a headhunter. The cost could range anywhere from 10-40% of your new hire’s salary, so it can be an expensive endeavor, depending on the salary of the position you’re trying to fill.

In addition to the rate, consider the incentives that are created by the cost structure of the firm you choose. Some headhunters are only paid when they fill the position. That kind of setup can tempt an otherwise ethical firm to endorse a candidate that is less than qualified in order to fill the position and collect your fee.

In other cases, the headhunter is paid whether he or she fills the position or not. This kind of payment structure could very easily lead to slacking on the part of the headhunter, so it’s important to stay in close touch with an agency that uses this kind of plan.

Wow…this is giving me a headache, what to do???

Well; our advice “Do it yourself”! Our motto: “Find the best for less”

Go Head Hunt Yourself was designed for employers looking for real talent. The Candidates on this site are educated professionals in their field, with experience and knowledge you won’t find easily somewhere else. Head Hunters love us for the caliber of employee they find here; jobseekers love it because they can finally find the dream job they want and deserve.

Companies & Headhunters
In every organization, there are workers and there are executives. In some, high end talent can mean the difference between a bad year, or getting an ISO. Go Head Hunt Yourself allows you to review and hire real talent in your area, while protecting your signing bonus with our Bonus Payout Plan. Bonuses are paid out to new employees in 2 stages, half upon hiring, the other half 60 days afterwards. If the hire doesn’t work out, you get that money back! Overall, you will save big on your recruitment cost!!

It’s easy and cheap – Just sign up for 1, 2 or 3 years and register on our website. Once registered, the system will guide you to fill out your Client Profile, allowing us to match potential candidates CVs to your open positions. Once done, you can edit your information as needed by signing in and using your profile page. Please read the FAQs for employers!!

Every job in our system has a mandatory Signing Bonus for every vacancy!
Whether or not you have a special set of skills, you know finding a job is not always easy. Being overqualified is no joke either; too many people are turned down for jobs posted in the paper or worse, they take a job that pays much less than their education and experience warrants.

Go Head hunt Yourself was made for people like you who have the schooling and job backgrounds employers and companies are looking for. It’s time for your resume to get to work! Simply join our site a.s.a.p.

Go Go Go;   Go Head Hunt Yourself

visit www.goheadhuntyourself.com

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