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The Himalayas definitely are one of the most pictured mountain ranges. They are very popular yet they are considered very young in terms of existence. The evolution of the Himalayan mountain ranges can be traced back to the Jurassic Era. Even though that’s several thousand years ago, take note that every other mountain range has formed millennium before that. Get to experience these majestic mountain ranges up close and personal by joining a Himalayan mountain tour.

Visit the largest mountains of the Himalayas, which are the Nun and the Kun. The Himalayan mountain range is one of the longest in the world, dividing and bordering several continents and states in and around India.

Join a Himalayan mountain tour and enjoy nature walks, trekking, angling, and similar sports in its vast area of land and peaks. The best time of the year to visit the Himalayas is during the winter when the snow covers the mountains and the area is hosting winter sports. Run a sled or ski down the Himalayas to enjoy a different type of adventure. Get yourself pictured against the mountain’s snowy peaks. It’s an experience comparable to the European mountains during the winter but doesn’t come close in terms of costs.

Get a hotel room or check-in at a camp. Experience every adventure available to all Himalayan mountain tour participants. Bring your friends along and form a big group that will trek the Himalayas in a journey of renewal and reconnecting with nature.

The Himalayan mountain tour also includes a trip to India’s most popular temples and palaces within the area. The places of interest included in the tour are Delhi, Nalagarh, Manali, Jispa, Sarchu, Khardungla, and Leh. The tour involves a lot of sightseeing, excursions, drives, and visits to the most interesting spots all around.

Be part of a Himalayan mountain tour and experience an adventure of a lifetime. The duration of this tour is normally 14 days and 13 nights, as you will cover several places of interest during the entire trip. It’s a journey that is all worth it, because you’ll get closer to nature and feel the calmness of your soul – something that you can’t do amidst the loud and busy streets of the city.

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