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Haridwar is one of the most visited holy cities in the country and considered of high importance for the Hindus. Located at an altitude of more than 300 meters, Haridwar is highly visited by people in search for natural beauty and refreshing climate. Taking an affordable Delhi to Haridwar taxi will take you right into the lap of nature in Haridwar. Read on to know more about the town.

Haridwar has several names; from being called Mayapuri to Kapila and from Gangadhar to Gateway of God. But, actually Haridwar is a mixture of two words. In Sanskrit Hari means God or the creator (Lord Vishnu, who’s also called Hari) and Dwar meaning a gate, thus in short it’s the Gateway of the God. It’s also renowned for the natural source of Ayurvedic medications, and herbal treatments. Possessing a wonderful climate and natural attractiveness it brings a lot of folks, all through the year. In modern times, the town also became popular mainly due to the plethora of adventure activities happening in the region. Taking an affordable Delhi to Haridwar taxi will take you right into the lap of nature in Haridwar.

Coming to the tourist attractions of the town, there are several places and activities one must definitely try. Har ki Pauri is located right at the beginning of the town and is a major attraction. Known for its magnanimous Ganga aarti, you have to take a dip into the chilling waters of the Ganges. Attracting millions of pilgrims from all over the world, it is also the site which organizes the Kumbh Mela which sees sages and pilgrims hurling near the shores to take a dip in the holy water of Ganges. If is said that taking a dip during the auspicious occasions, removes the negations and sins committed in life.

In Haridwar, there are plenty of large and little temples. The majority of the temples found in are considered to be constructed in honor of lord Shiva and Vishnu. As a result of which, the town is also known as the ‘Capital of Shiva’. It was found that every temple its has own significance. Some of the famous temples, which are a must visit, are, the Mansa Devi, Pawan Dham Temple, Parmeshwar Mahadev Temple, Chanda Devi, and Lal Mata temple.

Lately, Haridwar has also established a name for itself as a prime spot to learn different forms of Yoga. Every year, interested people from all corners of the globe visit Haridwar to master themselves in the art of Yoga and its distinctive healing abilities. Yoga is just one of our conventional tasks which command us mentally, physically and emotionally. As a result of which there are hundreds of Yoga ashrams and schools in the town.

The best time to visit Haridwar is from April to October and you can find multiple transport options to reach the city. The town is well linked by buses, trains and roadways in orderly fashion. The Railway station of the city is considered an important station of Northern India, which is linked to all important cities. The town airport offers daily flight facilities to major cities of the country and the bus facilities are also accessible at economical prices. It hardly takes a little more than 200 km to reach the town, which is the Delhi to Haridwar distance

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