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Many people decide to go to Tijuana, Mexico for medical or dental treatments, and therefore need to get from the San Diego airport to the border. This step by step guide is designed to help facilitate these patients so that they can take advantage of the low cost public transportation system. 

  1. At the Airport. So you are on your way to Tijuana? Follow the steps given below, and you’ll get there in one hour! When you get off your plane, just follow everyone down to the baggage claim area.  In the San Diego airport there are 3 terminals, and at each terminal, just outside the baggage claim area is a sidewalk where the taxis, shuttles, and buses are picking up people. You need to go outside, and look for where the city bus stop is.  There will be a sign that says MTS, (that is short for Metro Transit System). If you have trouble seeing it, just ask at the information desk in the lobby. There is only one MTS bus that comes by, it is the 992. You will recognize the bus as it is white trimmed in red, and has the number 992 in the windshield. Just wait at the stop, and you’ll find that a bus comes by every 15 minutes.  
  2. Get on the 992 Bus. Get a $5 bill ready, and when the bus comes by, put the money in the machine by the driver, and he’ll give you an all day pass, good for the whole MTS system.  With that ticket you are all paid up clear to the border. Tell the driver that you want to get off at the « American Plaza » so you can ride the Trolley. The American Plaza is the train station for the light rail system called the San Diego Trolley.  The bus will get there in just 15 minutes, and will drop you off across the street in front of the train platform. 
  3. American Plaza train station.  When you get off the bus, just cross the street to the American Plaza. You will see two platforms, one on each side of the tracks.  Make sure you keep to the side that is on your right as you are walking toward it. The train you will be taking will be headed the same way as you are walking as you are crossing the street.
  4. Take the « Blue Line ». There are two train lines.  The « Blue Line » and the « Orange Line ».  Do not be confused, but the trains are all the same orange color! The names « Orange Line » or « Blue Line » refer to the different routes they take. The two lines go to very different places. The Blue Line runs between Old Town and San Ysidro/Tijuana.  So, get on the train that says « Blue Line », « San Ysidro/Tijuana » on the sign on the wind shield. You will take this train all the way to the end of the line, which the Mexican Border.  The ride will take about 45 minutes.  
  5. 5. Cross the border. When you step off the trolley, facing the direction that the train had been going, towards the South, you will see a large building a little further on, to your right.  That is the US Customs building. There is a bridge for pedestrians that goes up over the top of part of the roof of Customs, and you will take that bridge to cross over to the other side of the freeway that goes into Mexico. The entryway to the bridge is an opening that you will see people going into. It is located to the left side of the glass doors where people are exiting from Customs. Go on up over the bridge, and when you come down on the other side, turn toward your right, and go on toward Mexico. 
  6. Their job to make Mexican national declare purchases made in the USA so they can collect the tax. After you pass the officials, continue forward through another turnstile.  Out front you will see hundreds of yellow taxis, all eager to take you to your destination.  The charge to take you downtown is only $5 or $6 US dollars.  

*Many people who are going to a dental clinic in Tijuana will have made arrangements to be picked up by someone from the clinic.  The common landmark that they all use is a McDonald’s hamburger stand.  You can see the big yellow « M » sticking up above the wall to your right, just after you pass the customs officials and before you go out through the turnstile.  If you have plans to go to a certain dental clinic, be careful that the yellow taxi takes you to the right place. Some of them get paid to take you to the wrong clinic.  A clinic that would pay to steal a patient, will have no scruples about taking advantage of that same patient.  It is best to have made arrangements with the clinic ahead of time to have them pick you up.   

The dentist that I recommend is Sam Dental in Tijuana, Mexico, located just South of San Diego, CA.  They are extremely honest, very capable, have very low prices, and they guarantee their work. 

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