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If you are planning to take up a job abroad and Macau is the location you have zeroed in on, you will need to get your paperwork in place before you take any step. It is advisable to get enough information about the Visa and work permit process before you set off for Macau. Registering with the local embassy or consulate of your respective country also helps.

The first step of this procedure is to get a work Visa in Macau for your stay. The first factor you need to take into consideration is that Macau issues Visas of varying duration depending on the country of origin. For example, EU nation citizens get Visas for up to 90 days. On the other hand, UK residents can stay in Macau for up to six months. Nationals of India, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Japan, Indonesia etc. are only granted 30-day stays. Hong Kong identity card holders are also allowed to stay for up to a year.

However, before going for a work Visa in Macau, you need to get an offer letter from the company offering you the job. However, it is not always possible to find a job in Macau without coming down to the city first. In this scenario, you can apply for a normal Visa, get a job in Macau and then apply for a work visa. In fact, most companies help expat employees apply for the work visa.

When the immigration service is looking through your application, covering a few requirements from your side will make approval easier. A graduate degree with considerable work experience is important. Again, the salary expectations have to be in accordance to the nation’s economy. Apart from this, employers have to provide some proof of short supply of local employees in the required vocation.

In order to get a work permit in Macau, you need to apply for one when you join an organization. However, it gets easier if you apply for temporary residency while your work permit (blue card) is being worked out by the company. Temporary residency gives you the freedom to work in Macau even if you switch jobs. Since the work permit can take anything from 3-6 months, temporary residency is the obvious choice to get started.

Again, though most agencies require copies of documents, it is advisable to carry the originals as well. Apart from this, the process for visa and work permit in Macau is streamlined and convenient for immigrants.  

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