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For people bent on enjoying exotic travel & tours, Asia beckons. Secret or unfamiliar destinations in Asia can make most travelers feel giddy with excitement.

Some of the amazing and beautiful places in Asia that keep travelers hankering for more are the awe-inspiring cradles of culture in China, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, to name some. Try to include some or all of these countries when planning your exotic travel & tours. Asia offers cities which may have transformed its heritage into chic & trendy tourist spots, but the way modernity melds with the old has commanded attention and lured people in droves.

One such destination which fuses dynamism with antiquity and is recognized as many people as among the best destinations in Asia is Beijing, China. When the city played host to the Olympic Games in 2008, hotels lost no time in renovating and building new elegant structures to entice people to keep coming back. Beijing’s hotels feature the harmonious fusion of old & new. One hotel, for instance, features contemporary and sleek furnishings but its façade and roof are classically Chinese. Another hotel houses striking antiques yet features an updated collection of modern Chinese art on its walls.

China actually has a splendid mix of upscale as well as budget hotels to suit traveler requirements. Sanya is one example of a jewel tucked in one of China’s tropical island provinces which has become home to both luxury hotels and budget accommodations with well-appointed facilities. The beautiful island paradise of Sanya offers visitors pristine white sandy beaches, majestic mountains, rain forests mangrove reserves and year-round sunshine.

Another favorite destination, especially of backpackers, is Cambodia, where the breathtaking three-tiered pyramid Angkor Wat may be found. The vast Angkor temple complex – with its many treasures – never fails to excite the senses of tourists seeking a few hours of heavenly respite. Those who want to experience the one-of-a-kind thrill and mystique of Cambodia on limited resources can check in at budget hotels with stylish amenities.  There are also lodges on the outskirts of Siam Reap offering great value, where individuals can recharge energies after a full day of sightseeing.

Exotic travel & tours Asia operators likewise highly recommend other interesting destinations like Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Try booking at the hotel located within Borobudur Archeological Park.  `Surreal’ – that’s how travelers describe the experience of viewing the ancient temple complex of Borobudur from the hotel located in the temple compound. There are several budget hotels as well as restored old Javanese houses blending ancient character with modern amenities like the internet service and international television. These discount hotels are strategically located to be near major points of interest and offer a peaceful, comfortably pleasant stay.

If you’ve planned your Asian tour between the months of March to August, it may well be worth your time to choose Vietnam’s heart and soul – Hue. This place used to be the royal capital during the Nguyen Dynasty. Temples, palaces, royal tombs and other reminders of Vietnam’s glorious past may be seen there. At the center of the mysterious city are hotels with spacious rooms packed with amenities, and which offer a nice view of the scenery.

Discover the hidden gems of Asia and see for yourself why people keep raving about and craving to return to them, for business and/or pleasure.

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