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As a citizen of the UK, harbouring a desire to give colour to your dreams of establishing your own company can be anything but a bad idea now. Favourable conditions in the form of less confusing formalities as well as the availability of professional assistance remove most of the obstacles when you decide to take the plunge into the corporate world. Even the corporate arena has been expanded to a great degree to fit in several options within its orb.

The list of options up for grabs in the UK include limited by shares company, limited company with bearer shares, limited by guarantee company, private unlimited company, public limited company and limited liability partnership. You can choose to go for any of these options based on the set up of members you have in mind and the manner in which you want to run the administration.

The main motive behind a corporate venture is profit making, which goes on to determine the decision of the members in choosing between the available options. Post selection of the future company, the next step in the registration process entails the most important formalities in the form of providing a registered company address. This step is unanimous for anyone who wants to establish a company, no matter what the option is. The nomination of the company representatives through the positions of company secretary and company director takes up the next step.

In order to establish a company, you need to abide by the company formation law of the UK and act upon the rules accordingly. To make things easier for you, a host of company formation agents operate throughout the nation to offer their qualified professional assistance for a hassle free experience. Simply browse through the Internet to choose your preferred agent and register your company online, with the agent taking care of most of the procedure.

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