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In the past, people used to wear whichever contact lens was the cheapest, or the most readily available, or whatever their doctor told them to wear. In today´s world, a whole range of stylish contact lenses exist that can give you a new sense of cool.

Elegance lenses are available in all color and prescriptions. Many people choose these to accessorize their outfits. If you are buying them as fashion accessories, you might want to get colored lenses. Colored lenses come in literally thousands of shades, including many varieties of blue, green, brown, red, and yellow.

Celebrities are particular fans of these, as it helps them stand out in the crowd and to be more photogenic. If you consider yourself a potential model or actor, it might be a good idea to start wearing color contact lenses to give you the extra edge over your competition.

Even if you´re not a potential celebrity, wearing fashionable contact lenses will make you feel like one. Often a free trial pair may be ordered through your doctor or over the internet.

Contact lenses are a medical product and should only be worn with a doctor´s prescription. Non-prescription contacts are available, and can be worn provided they are purchased through a reputable dealer and are used according to their instructions.

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