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When we discuss education consulting business in details four (4) very interesting fields have emerged recently. This is a very dynamic area leading to high profitability.

  1. Twinning Programs
  2. Collaborative Double degree programs
  3. Student Exchange
  4. Faculty Exchange

1. Twinning Programs

Twinning programs are those study courses in which the students complete a part of their study in a college / university in India and a part is completed in a partner college / university situated abroad. There exists today very good scope & opportunity for Indian colleges/ universities for structuring their academic programs in partnership with European, North American especially Chinese universities / colleges.

2. Collaborators Double-Degree Programs

Some of the colleges/ universities in Europe (especially U.K) & North America give credits for the professional courses completed in India. Upon complesion of relevant course in India, students of such college / universities can secure admission to those college / universities abroad which accept there credits. Hence the students do not have to take those courses again when they travel abroad for higher studies. The students hence complete the rest of the courses / subjects prescribed by those colleges/ universities only.

A formal agreement between both colleges/ universities is executed which guides in detail the smooth functioning of the concept of double degree program. More & More universities especially in Europe, Australia, and China are entering this exciting area which gives an opportunity to student’s community to learn in a standard international academic environment where one institution respects its overseas counterparts.

3. Student Exchange Programs

Some progressive education consulting firms are facilitating the concept of student exchange programs between students of colleges / universities situated in different countries. Some students exchange programs allows students of another country to study part of the study course at partner colleges/ universities. This provides the students community an international exposure both in terms of academic levels of excellence & real exchange of cultures between student communities. This is generally a reciprocal agreement between two colleges/ universities. Hence exchanges of ideas in both sided.

4. Faculty Exchange Program

This is a very modern step taken by some Indian Management / Technical institutions / colleges / universities/ Faculty members travel abroad to learn & teach in overseas colleges / universities for a fixed period of time. This is a very enriching process which directly benefits the faculty & their students in both the countries.

Faculty exchange programs proceed successfully due to fact that Indian Academia has been recognized as very talented, intelligent & research oriented. Both these programs i.e. student exchange & faculty exchange result enriching & enlarging the knowledge base of Indian educational systems.

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