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Eco travel, newly derived form of travel, is an ecology based travel which includes sightseeing of places rich in their natural, cultural and historical heritage. Fetching a deeper insight of stunning beauty of cultural and natural resources of a place, eco travel is meant specially for tourists willing to venture a vacation far from commotion of rest of the world and learn about the different cultural and geographical beauty of a place. Letting eco travellers enjoy the best possible joy of being in complete serenity and in stark harmony with the nature, eco travel is one of the best model originated by nature based modern tourism.

Benefits of Ecotourism


Ecotourism, being one of the best form of travel, conceals many of the benefits touching directly to tourists and local community. The benefits of ecotourism are transmitted not only to tourists taking the tour, but also to local community and the whole ecosystem.

During the tour, there is immense possibility that you get wider opportunity to learn from the local culture and historical significance of the places you are traveling. Exchange of cultural, historical and geographical information is quite enriching during one’s eco tour.

More the footfalls better the condition of resources are. Increase of eco traveler brings funds to resources/places where one is visiting, which definitely helps making the condition of resources (wildlife places, beaches, forests, and other eco places) better.

The innate intention of ecotourism is to involve the local business in itself. Involvement of local business provides employment to local people, which ultimately lead to building the nation’s economy better.

Ecotourism helps motivating the conservation policy of government and local bodies. Better fund due to more eco traveler will tend to make government and local bodies understand the true value of resources, which, consequently, will demand better protection and strong conservation policy helping resources to live long

Best time for Eco travel in India

The best time to take your eco trip to India depends upon the places you are willing to visit during the tour. As the country is famous for its diverse topography, many eco place have their own specific time to visit. Due to diverse climate factor, it is tougher to tell what time it is best for eco travel to India

The time between October and March are said to be the best time to visit India. And also for wildlife viewing, which is indeed the biggest eco delight in the country, these months are the best time to visit India. This is the time when most of the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are open for visitors. Besides, most of the celebrations and festivals like Dussehra, Deepawali, Christmas, Eid, Holi, Camel fair at Pushkar and Chariot procession at Orissa occur during this time (October-March). Traveling during this season assures you having the best possible view of popular Indian eco places along with exploring its uniqueness of its diverse culture, tradition, custom and rich history.

 Advantage Of Eco Tourism

  • Eco Tourism minimizes the negative impacts on the local people and the natural environment.
  • Eco Tourism minimizes the negative impacts on the local people and the natural environment.
  • Eco tourism directs economic and other benefits to the local people by providing them employment.
  • It promotes conservation of natural assets and enhances the cultural integrity of the local people.
  • Eco tourism has become the major source of income and is attracting lot of travel agencies than ever before.
  • It promotes the preservation of wildlife and the natural habitats.
  • Providing positive attitude and experience among the travelers.
  • Ensures that the natural resources are conserved and managed properly so that they could be saved for the future generations.


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