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Sustainable, luxury beachfront living is no longer just a dream – new Caribbean properties like Oceano Village combine environmentally-friendly development with exotic locations and the latest eco innovations for sustainable living at its finest. From careful planning of land usage to future sustainability, these luxury Caribbean properties bring an entirely new perspective to green living.

Net-Zero Construction

Several years of preparation take place before construction begins on a sustainable luxury village. Extensive planning is involved in the land development, the architecture, the building process, the furnishings and appliances, and even the future environmental impact of the village. To achieve a net-zero impact, everything possible is done to ensure these luxury ocean side villas give back at least as much as they detract from the planet.

  1. Low-Impact Architectural Designs. The cool breezes and pleasant year-round temperatures of the Caribbean naturally decrease energy use, but strategic positioning and innovative designs create truly eco-friendly homes without sacrificing luxurious oceanfront living. Oceano Village was the first Caribbean community to use cross ventilation and renewable energy sources like wind and solar power to minimize the environmental impact of fine living.
  2. Renewable, Natural Building Materials. The innovative use of renewable materials, including durable limestone and sustainable hardwoods, are another way these luxury Caribbean properties lower the impact fine beachfront living can have on the environment. Both the interior and exterior are designed to showcase elegance without harming the environment, featuring gorgeous Honduran pine finishes, unique bamboo furniture, and other local renewable resources.
  3. Sustainable Landscaping and Smart Water Use. From the fixtures within the villas to the expansive living areas outside the home, eco-friendly Caribbean communities promote water conservation and sustainability without detracting from the comforts of fine living. Low-flow bath fixtures drastically decrease water consumption inside the home while carefully planned landscape designs aid in replenishing the local water supply.
  4. Waste-Free Luxury Living. Garbage is the source of a great deal of environmental damage. Sustainable development strives to eliminate waste through extensive recycling programs and natural composting efforts. The reuse of waste materials as an organic fertilizer encourages healthy, nutrient-rich soil without the use of harmful chemicals.
  5. No Carbon, Low Emission Community. Wind and solar power enable homes to generate clean energy, eliminating typical carbon emissions from building structures. Gasses emitted from transportation are controlled in an eco-friendly development as well by encouraging alternate means. A network of bike trails and foot paths, neighbourhood electric buggies, and a convenient airport shuttle minimize the use of automobiles in Oceano Village.

From the perfect retirement spot to an elegant second home in the Caribbean, environmentally-friendly, oceanfront living is a dream come true on the lush island of Roatán. Extensive planning and careful construction, along with fine amenities and exquisite structures, are the foundation of sustainable luxury Caribbean properties like Oceano Village and showcase the many possibilities for eco-safe development.

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