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One of the most gut wrenching things that happens on a daily basis is animal cruelty. For those who love animals, the sight of an abused creature can make them fighting mad.

Understanding what constitutes cruelty to animals can be difficult for some to comprehend. That is why many agencies that deal with this inhumane behavior have categorized the abuses into two types, thus making the topic easier to understand and perhaps to further help in the prevention of cruelty to animals.

The first of the types of animal cruelty that one should be aware of is passive cruelty, also known as an act of omission. This is the crime of neglect and is not an actual physical action perpetrated upon an animal. In other words, this is when an individual neglects their pets animals through starvation, dehydration, inadequate shelter or failure to seek the services of a vet when required.

This type of cruelty to animals can cause severe pain and suffering that often leads to death. In some cases, the reason for the cruelty is lack of education, and when informed of the cruelty to animals, the police can step in and educate the owner about being responsible for their dogs and cats, zoo animals and farm animals.

The opposite of passive cruelty is active cruelty to animals. This is when an individual deliberately and with intent causes physical harm to an animal. Those who display these acts of commission, as they may also be called, usually suffer from severe psychological issues.

If a child displays this behavior at any time, then a parent should seek immediate help. These occurrences have been linked to sociopathic behavior and can become worse as the child reaches adult life. As well, this type of cruelty often happens in an abusive home. In a union between humans, often an abusive partner will abuse the family pet for revenge.

Animal cruelty is one thing that can be stopped if individuals will only take the first step. Through education, people can learn about the types of cruelty and how to stop it from happening. Animal abuse will not be stopped or contained in one day.

However, if we, as a collective community, can become active in helping the animals that are mistreated, then perhaps one day we can put an end to this epidemic. All it takes is education and becoming involved in just a small way. One person can really make a difference in the life of an animal.


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