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As far as luxury cars and limousines are concerned, they have one thing in common; not everyone can afford to buy one. A typical limousine in the United States can cost up to $200,000 while even a good luxury passenger car can cost up to $80,000. However, many people can afford to rent a luxury car or limousine for a special occasion.

Both limousine and a luxury car can be driven by a chauffeur, although most of the time luxury cars are meant to be driven yourself to actually feel the luxury and have access to all the fancy gizmos and gadgets. Luxury car and limousine rental is sometimes believed to be only for the well-to-do. In fact this is wrong as there are many car and limousine rental services at very affordable prices, depending on your location and the type of service they are offering.

Location and Usage

Location here would include where you are staying, where you want to go, and what the purpose of the trip is. These factors help in calculating the total price you have to pay for the rental service. Generally cars and limousine rentals are popular among businessmen, government agencies which have to transport senior politicians and companies that offer perks to their executives. These people usually do not travel far; the most common locations involved would be the airport, their house or the hotel they are staying at.

Type of service

Basically there are two type of service the car and limousine rental company can offer. It can be either on daily basis or even a long term contract on a lease arrangement basis. Whatever your choice may be, you basically have to choose the best value for money without compromising on quality of service. The main reason why you rent a luxury car or limousine is to give you comfort, and if it doesn’t deliver on that premise, then there is no point in doing so.

The service has to be very personalized and provide the riders privacy; in fact most of the rental cars are tinted and protected so that the privacy of the person inside is protected. Other factors you need to consider when choosing a rental car company is whether it charges by the hour, the miles traveled or both. Does it include fancy frills like a bar, telephone, television etc and what are the extra charges for these amenities.

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