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Freight management becomes necessary when it comes to parcel delivery. There are a number of freight management solutions used for this purpose such as POD tracking and waybill which definitely serve to increase the reliability and efficiency of your business. This can go a long way in improving your image in front of your clients. A parcel delivery service can actually stay in greater control over their businesses by adopting the use of diverse solutions specifically designed to cater to the same.

A collection and delivery system that forms a part of the parcel freight management solutions provides the following features:

The collection data can be either set as once-off entries or as recurring accounts. The customer entries include a list of addresses that include the places to and from which, the deliverables have been shipped. At the time of the collection capture, the people who operate the system can choose any of the addresses from a drop-down list. A new address can also be inserted if there is a need for the same.

Whenever a task of collection is assigned to a particular driver, a message is automatically generated and the same sent to the cell phone of the driver. It contains the address from which the parcel is supposed to be collected and also other additional information. After the driver has collected the package, a return message is sent stating the collection code and the collection is categorised as complete. This system works well when it is about same day courier delivery.

After the collections are complete, it is time for the packages to be sent to their destinations. The destination of each of these packages is pre-selected in the collection module. The price of the manifests is divided amongst all packages, by utilising the rates that have been set up for each of the air-carriers or the line-haulers.

The destination determines the hub to which the parcel would be initially transported as well the areas that are located close to the hub and the places at which the delivery is supposed to take place. The drivers can be assigned the delivery either manually or automatically. The assigned deliveries are divided into various groups and their records maintained on a trip sheet.

The deliveries are made only after a POD or a Proof of Delivery has been produced by the recipient. After the driver comes back post delivery, the document records are put into the sheet for the sake of tracking. You can determine the level of detail that you want. While some are content with basics such as the name of the recipient and the date and time of delivery, other services insist on specific details. There are some parcel delivery services that maintain a scanned image of the POD as part of their records. The missing reports are kept a track of by the agent.

It is thus evident that the courier delivery service is an elaborate process. This holds true for all the processes, be it national, international courier delivery services or same day courier services. This sort of a system also enables easy tracking.


Parcel delivery services make use of a number of services that have been specifically designed to meet the business requirements.

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