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Once upon a time there was a very beautiful Princess. "The People's Princess" they called her, and she was. Many great people have come and gone but few have captivated me like Princess Diana. I held her in a very high regard, without the pedestal. She was too human to be put there. She certainly did not want to be there. She was so like me or you, just a real person kept up in a 'fairytale' that to her was probably more like a nightmare! Then came August 31. 1997. I, like you, remember exactly where I was. What I do not remember are the hours following the affirmation that she was indeed, dead. I could not have been more shocked!

As the weeks went by, I heard every story, every theory, all the conspiracies and it ended up being years before we never really knew what happened. We never will. None of it really matters anyway. However, from the beginning I noted details that to this day brings a chill to my spell. There maybe more but there certainly are not less than SEVEN factors that played a key role in her death. What I found disturbing then and still do, is that if you remove just ONE of these factors, she would probably still be alive today. It literally took a chain of events to happen in the order in which they happened for her life to end that night.

1. Diversion ~~ Paparazzi were staked out in front of the Paris Ritz. Dodi Fayed, no doubt trying to protect his lady, unwittingly escorted her through the back door and into the waiting car that would take her to her death.

2. Henri Paul was not the intended driver that night.

3. He was even chosen in a last ditch effort to fool photographers. No one realized that his blood alcohol level was 3 times the legal limit.

4. Paparazzi chased them anyway, causing Paul to pick up speeds in access of 70 mph in a 30 mph zone.

5. The vehicle entered the Pont de l'Alma tunnel and at some point made contact with a white Fiat.

6. At impact with the 13th pillar, Diana was NOT wearing a seatbelt.

7. Diana was still alive 60-90 minutes after they pulled her from the vehicle. However, and this is important to note, there is a 40 minute discrepancy between the moment that they finally pulled her from the car, and the moment the ambulance actually left the scene. Furthermore, the ambulance was told to drive slowly. To add to that, the ambulance stops within yards of the hospital for 5 minutes. It is believed that the lengthy delay from the car to the hospital, is the time that a surgeon could have saved her life.

All told, Diana's timeless beauty, grace & authenticity are etched in our memories forever. It pains me still to know that the "Queen of Hearts", who gave so much of herself to ease the pain of others, died from damage sustained to HER own heart in a car, in a tunnel, in a place she did not even call home. Sometimes, on any given day, in any given year, when you least expect it, some things are just meant to be.

Source by Pamela A. Langhart

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