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When traveling to Breckenridge Colorado travelers will need to find a way to get from Denver International Airport or something Eagle County Airport to Breckenirdge.  Breckenridge is over 100 miles away from Denver Colorado so it can be quite a trek. There are many options for getting to Breckenridge from Denver including renting a car, limousine, shared shuttle, etc.

Renting a car can be useful and easy to do when going to Breckenridge.  However, especially during the winter months, car rentals are very expensive.  To rent a four-wheel drive SUV can be upwards of $150 a day during the winter.  Also, please keep in mind road conditions during the winter as well. I-70 can be a treacherous road to drive during the winter.  Without proper snow tires and driving skills, driving in the winter can be hazardous.   Snow tires are your most important asset when driving in the winter and no rental comes equipped with them.

Once you arrive in Breckenridge, CO there will be little use for your rental car.   If you do not have a condo with parking this can be a major issue as well because parking is very limited in Breckenridge Colorado.   It is very easy to get around Breckenridge without a car.  There is a free bus system provided by Summit Stage.

Limousine services are another way to get from Denver to Breckenridge.  However, there can be very expensive with one-way prices reaching over $500 for a simple 2-hour ride.  They can be useful for those looking to have a luxurious way into the mountains.  It is also much nicer than any shared shuttle service, however you do have to pay for it.

You can now get your own ride into Breckenridge without any of the hassles of a shared shuttle.  Powderhound Transportation, a Colorado mountain transportation company, provides transfers to Breckenridge.  The shuttles are not shared and are very convenient. This service is much better than shared shuttle service from the Denver Airport to Breckenridge Colorado.

Shared shuttle rides into Breckenridge may seem to be your best option if you have a party of two or less.  But with a party larger than two, there is almost no reason not to get your own shuttle with a company like Powderhound.  The ride is over 2 hours to Breckenridge.  Do you really want to squished into a shuttle with 10 other people?  It’s like being in a Super Shuttle for 3 hours having to make tons of stops!  Not the greatest idea.

Don’t just assume that shared shuttles are the best way up.  They do have their purpose for single riders, but always explore your options.  Don’t forget, shared shuttle, means exactly that.  You sit in a shuttle with 10 other people for over 3 hours making lots of stops!  You also can’t leave at your own times.  You have to wait on other people.  This does sound like the ideal way after hours of flying.  

Be sure and always explore all options when choosing a Breckenridge shuttle service.  Do your own research and your own decision-making when choosing a shuttle to Breckenridge.

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