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Cape Town is a South African coastal city with amazing cycling roads and trails. It is not just the 2nd most populated urban city in South Africa but also the provincial capital of the Western Cape Province and the legislative capital of South Africa (the national Parliament is seated here). Cyclists often come to this city all year round in great numbers for leisure and adventure. It is situated in the South-West corner of the nation close to the Cape of Good Hope, and is recognised to have a less tropical climate, being typically Mediterranean, than the rest of South Africa, for perfect conditions on 2 wheels. Cape Town is also a small distance from the world-famous vineyards in the Cape Winelands, around Paarl, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Enthusiastic cyclists are given the option of hires in either Cape Town or the Winelands so that you can keep on exploring the scenic surroundings with a convenient delivery/collection service provided if required.

Our Cape-based cycling day tours always offer an exciting way for tourists to discover beautiful Cape Town and its surrounding landscape. With continuously changing scenery from sea shore and mountains to undulating countryside, tourists are less likely to get bored whilst riding on two wheels and lunching and touring all across the areas with us. You can go for hires in Cape Town or elsewhere and ride the bicycle that suits you best (Road or MTB, guided or non-guided) to enable you to sightsee the Cape in your own way.

Cyclists will be able to enjoy the best of the Mother City whilst also helping you improve your health in the process! Cycle hire in Cape Town is also more affordable, often much faster than motor vehicles and contributes to the aspiration of a greener city for all.

There are no safety concerns as open road tours are planned along the quiet scenic routes to accommodate both motorists and cyclists safely, with hard shoulders used wherever possible. This, along with the cheaper alternative of cycle hire in Cape Town, makes a cycling tour a safe and pleasant activity for tourists of all ages and abilities. So, before you decide to go out on a solo ride in Cape Town, or start a cycle tour, ask the tour operator from in Cape Town for your requirements, who will keep your budget and your safety and comfort in mind as well.

How to Enjoy Cycling in Cape Town to its Best?

Have you ever done cycling in Cape Town or surrounds before?

Below are a few expert tips to add to your enjoyment during your time:

  • Use a map or one of our tour guides to select your cycling route
  • Seek advice from ourselves who’ve cycled all the specific routes before
  • Choose the correct cycle hire from Road and MTB for your needs
  • All accessories including water bottles will be provided
  • Dress yourself accordingly to the weather and don’t forget to wear a helmet!
  • Be aware of motorists on the road and wear bright clothing if possible
  • Keep your eyes open and use common sense, even on the mountains
  • Use cycle lanes and hard shoulders whenever possible
  • While cycling in traffic, maintain a straight and single line please
  • Use your arms to indicate while turning left or right every time
  • Look out and have respect for pedestrians especially during rush hours
  • Lock your bike while taking a halt at shops, restaurants etc
  • It will be easier and more enjoyable than you expect.

The beautiful landscapes of Cape Town are best to be explored on a bicycle. With an affordable range of cycles available from us there’s no point in not experiencing the beauty of Cape Town the way you prefer. No matter if you are a beginner, a leisure rider, or a passionate road or mountain cyclist, there is bike hire in Cape Town to match your purpose and style. So, why not try this option today!

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