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As any parent will know, the transition from their children being at school to moving away to university can be a tough one on both sides. If you are used to having your children at home a lot, it can seem very quiet when they eventually move out. But they might end up moving further afield than you previously thought if they opt for a course that allows them to study overseas.

Even though it is a big leap for any teenager to make, it can help them in so many ways, both now and in the future. If your child hasn’t already thought about it then it could be worth bringing up the idea. After all, this is quite often a brilliant opportunity to explore another part of the world and see how other people live their lives. Going on holiday is one thing, but living in another country for a longer duration than normal is very different.

It will also expose them to different types of teaching, and it can put them into an environment that is much better for learning. Let’s suppose they want to learn French, for example. It’s much better to actually live in France while they learn the language than it would be to take a course in their home country. This is simply because they will be surrounded by native French speakers for the duration of the time they are there – it makes it much easier to pick up what is needed.

But your kids won’t just learn different subjects when they go abroad, they will also learn a variety of life skills without even trying. The whole experience is set up to make it easier for them to take on their adult life in a much more mature manner.

Of course, the main downside to seeing your child go abroad for a long duration is being apart from one another. They will certainly be of an age where they are capable of looking after themselves, but this doesn’t stop you missing them.

That’s why it is important to set up ways in which you can keep in touch before they go. You could arrange to email them if they have a specific address, for example. Picking up the phone is another popular way to stay in touch; if they take that French course then cheap calls to France can do the trick. But such methods of communication will apply with most other countries too.

In short, it is not too difficult to stay in touch while they are away, whilst you look forward to hearing more about it when they return.

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