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Taxes, may it be corporation tax or partnership tax, is something that you do not want to do but must be done. When it comes to dealing with them, there are just some instances that you get lost especially with all of the things that you need to do. What way to ensure that your taxes are in good hands is to make somebody, an expert, do it for you. Yes, it may cost you but it is a good way to make an investment because having taxation problems is one of those things that you do not want to get in your way, especially that entails a lot of serious troubles that could cost you and your business.

Experts may come in different guise, but you need to have keen eyes to determine the bad experts (those that do not really get the job done) from the good experts (those that take care of everything efficiently). For almost 30 years we have helped thousands of business owners prepare their corporate tax returns including Federal Income Tax Returns for Corporations (Form 1120 & Form 1120S), Federal Income Tax Returns for Partnerships (Form 1065), Texas Franchise Tax Returns, Texas Sales Tax Returns, and Texas Payroll reports. We also can prepare State income tax returns for all 50 states, and both Federal and State Form K-1’s. Should you need a registered agent for your business we are a great choice because we can make sure all service of process and tax notices are handled professionally and on a timely basis.

We have experience with most types of businesses and have specialized experience working with Attorneys/Law Firms, Construction Contractors, Healthcare Practitioners (such as Physicians and Dentists), Real Estate Developers and Oil Field Service companies.

Call us today at 713-661-1040 and let us put our experience to work for you. Protecting your bottom line is our top priority!

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