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First and foremost it must be remembered that Continental Airlines is a « Service Company » as opposed to a Manufacturing Company.

The primary difference between the two is that in a manufacturing company, the customer interface with the employees is not as constant as it is the service industry especially in the airline business where the contact is constant for a very short intense period, followed by a series of such contacts with very short intense periods.

Right from the time a customer books a ticket on Continental Airlines, which may be real time face to face, or booking a ticket at the window, which is real time face to face, and joining the queue at checking in at the port, there is constant interface with the employees of the Airline. Thus, every employee who sports the badge of Continental Airlines is expected to know everything about the flight, other information, and also act as an Ambassador of the Airline and have the customer taken to the right person at the right time. You cannot say, this is not my job. Even if the passenger is for another airline, and needs help, Continental employees are encouraged to help them. That’s called scoring brownie points.

Every employee right from the senior most person at the airport to the juniormost, is THE true face of Continental Airlines in a dynamic realtime, online system of work.

Obviously then, the prescreening process of Continental Airlines is tough and demanding. The focus on pre employment screening is not only just about how much you have learnt, but how much is the value that you put on your human interface.

In a real time, on line function, which is not describable, your human interface, quick thinking, and ability to come up with solutions to help customers, and thus help Continental Airlines to not only maintain, but also increase its high standards of customer service is paramount.

Continental believes that a single unsatisfied customer draws away at least 50 potential customers from it; conversely, a satisfied customer may bring in 10. So it is important to focus all the time on quality, speed and efficiency of service to keep the ratio of dissatisfied customers to satisfied customers low. And the bar is being lowered every day, every month, every year.

Successful applicants can get a rewarding and satisfying career, open up new horizons for each to succeed, even while working as a team to deliver ontime real time online best customer services. There is a tremendous need for diverse skills in each position. It cannot be said I don’t know this; you must have the panache to know, to enquire, and to learn. And be ready to face crises with equanimity, while maintaining dignity and decorum.

Continental Airlines recognizes very well that its success in a highly scalable, competitive, and cost conscious environment is entirely due ONLY becuase of its workforce. Planes do not fly by themselves. You need pilots, you need ground staff to prepare the aircraft, you need checking staff, you need security staff, you need stewards, and stewardesses to comfortably transport their passengers in comfort and with safety.

To achieve these pre-requisites which will help you later to organise your life in a culturally rich, stimulating, and constantly changing exciting environment, with inbuilt training modules for specializing in the different niche areas of customer service, you would be adding to your learning, and as they say, your travels will widen the horizons of your mind.

Since primarily you will be handling face to face interface with customers,potential customers, and other providers of services to Continental, and also professionally interact with other airlines, you must submit your current resume; it can based on functional format or in reverse chronological order. We would like to learn your objectives, both short term and long term, which should be able to make the appraiser get a quick idea of your grasp of the subject, the manner and method of presentation; in other words, it must be so structured and written in a manner that would attract the interest of the reader, who will appraise you for the positions in the company.

That appraiser would judge whether you are a real pro already, or whether you have the potential that training could turn you into a tangible worthwhile asset for the company.

Unlike jobs where the cloth is cut to measure up to the candidate, the company here moulds the chosen to suit the position. Since it will be spending considerable time and money on training, it has to make sure that the investment is worthwhile.

For that you need to specify your work experience if any, in the background of the skils you have earned after your education, both in the arts and the technical disciplines. When looking at your profile, you will be guaged on how much you built up yourself to the job, and how much further you went to meet your own targets, forgetting for the moment your employer’s targets. Do attach proofs.

There are, as we have mentioned through this article, positions which include Ramp agents, Boarding Agent positions, flight attendants, pilots, engineering, and maintenance,help desks, luggage trackers.. that offer a challenging, growing, rewarding career. You will be constantly appraised, and it is certain that if you possess the necessary will and momentum, you can scale the ladder faster.

As we said, in the service industry, the focus is on people. If you grow, the company grows, and if the team grows, the company grows, and if the company grows, you grow too. Once you pass the initial screening, your application is moved up the structured ladder of recruitment, where again you would be expected to measure up to their expectations. Continental Airlines will conduct background checks on the basis of you have provided, and through its own resources as well. There will be medical screening, drugs tests, and other medical and paramedical tests through which you will have to pass.

Welcome to Continental Airlines!

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