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Company registration is one of the common terms used in corporate world. Without this it is very difficult for company to carry their business activities as well as it is very difficult to gain interest of people towards company’s products and services. With the help of registration, it is very easy for company to get distinct identity in the market along with smooth functioning of its activities. Apart from company registration there are many types of registration used in this corporate world like llp, trademark, brand name, patent registration, ngo, copyright, stpi registration, nbfc, fcra registration and lots more. All these types of services having different criteria of get registered and also rules and regulation varies from country to country. Like company registration in India involves some rules, procedures and regulation that are regulated by company act 1956. These are rules are different from rules follow in some other countries like in Canada, UK, USA or in other part of Europe.  

There are many law firms carries their business in India to offer all these types of law services and solutions as per the client needs and requirement. Like 365companies that offers joint venture agreements, company incorporation, new company registration india, IPO listing, trademark classifications, patent registration, intellectual property law firms, export import data bank, NGO formation, Vat registration, STPI registration, copyright registration and many more. 365companies comprises a team of well experienced and highly qualified attorneys that offers types of law services to their domestic as well as to their international clients. LLP registration is one of the law services that include limited liability partnership where partners with their limited liabilities bind into partnership to their business. There are some requirements that partners must follow in order to get llp registration.              

As with the rise in international business the demand of equity joint venture are also increases that act as a medium for cross border investments and collaborations. In an ongoing business equity binds the parties together and aligns their incentives. Equity joint ventures are very much familiar in Chinese market and it is major part of concern with Chinese businesses and Chinese government. To exploit the preferential market treatment, market knowledge, manufacturing capability of the Chinese, marketing experience of the foreign partner, to know the technology used in market and for manufacturing know-how in all these we can used Joint ventures.  Profit and risk involve in business is divided into the equity of each partner by equity joint venture activity.

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