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What makes CNA Practice Test so important for candidates who are planning to appear for CNA Test? It is known fact that to work as a certified nurse aide in United States of America and in all its states, it is mandatory that an individual must clear CNA Exam, earn certification and get listed with state Nurse Aide Registry.

CNA Test is specifically designed to evaluate your nursing care knowledge and skills for offering safe, quality and competent care to ailing patients in various types of health settings. Therefore, if you are unable to execute required nursing knowledge competency during the exam, you are termed as a failure in the test and prevented from working in any health care facilities.

All these reason makes it necessary for a student to sit for the CNA Practice Test, offered by few campus based colleges, online sites and board of nursing partnered testing agencies, such as Prometric, D & S – Headmaster and Pearson Vue. You may appear for the practice test free of cost or may have to pay nominal amount or become the account member of the agency by paying required fees.

CNA Practice Test offered by these various agencies or college comprises of written questions or knowledge that must be answered by you. The questions are identical to what you get during your actual CNA exam or identical questions that will be offered by theses partnered testing agencies. You are required to 50 -70 test questions (differ as per testing agency) and for every question 4 answers are given, similar to original CNA Exam. You will have to pick the best answer for scoring. For example, NNAAP Written Test Packet comprises of 70 multi choice test questions, which can be downloaded and print. You will be offered 2 hours to complete and the answers are also given for your checking.

Get certification through CNA Exam

CNA Exam is a state sponsored test and comprises of two components, Written Test and Skill Test. The passing of both tests awards CNA Certification, listing with respective state nurse aide registry and legal working permission in various types of the health care facilities and health care settings of the state, from where the candidate has completed CNA program and appeared for the test. The test may be offered by state Board of  Agency or through the respective state Board’s partnered or contracted agencies.

Majority of states follows belong given testing procedures, while offering CNA Exam:

Written/Oral Test

•    Consist of 70-75 multi choice test questions.
•    Testing time duration is 2 hours.
•    Passing score is 70% & above.

Skill Test

•    Skill test is performed on volunteer/client/dummy or on a live model.
•    5 skill are to be performed ( randomly selected from 25 skills)
•    Time Limit is 30 to 45 minutes
•    Passing score is 75% & above

Both test components are based on Classroom instruction and Clinical trainings, and nursing skills that are essential for offering competent routine cares to ailing patients in hospitals and long term care facilities.

The student failing to clear the exam first time is offered two (2) more chances to clear the exam and failure to pass the exam even after 2 attempts requires attending the complete training program once again. Passing in the both test passes the test and awards CNA Certification. The test results are declared same day by the testing authorities and official result is send to the candidate’s mail address within 12 days of the completion of the test.

The candidate is permitted to re-schedule the exams for the following reasons and application in advance must be submitted to testing agency for exam rescheduling:

• Sickness of the candidate or family member 
• Any family death
• Disabling traffic accident
• Jury duty or need to appear in the Court
• Military duty
• Weather emergency

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