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The French have long been renamed for their classic clothing, with a style which is
recognized all over the world. This unique style has developed over the ages, but
managed to retain that traditional French feel and look.

Paris has long been recognized as one of the major fashion centers of Europe, with
many of the high profile fashion shows held in the capital city. While usually
associated with the more adult end of the fashion world, the French designers are
starting to have an impact in the younger market.

The designers have adapted the more traditional French style to encompass the new
born and young children's end of the market, with great success. As fashions
change, many people are returning to the more traditional look for their new born
and younger family members, with French designs among the more popular.

The younger designs are both practicable and fashionable, and can be split into two
main seasons, Summer and Winter wear.

Summer Range

The Summer range is personified by bright, colorful and fairly lightweight
garments, perfect for the hot summer period. It is essential that your children are
comfortable in the sometimes difficult summer days, while also offering a degree of
protection from the sun.

Winter Range

The Winter range takes on a more traditional style of dark, heavy colors with
thicker garments offering protection from the cold winter chill. This distinct
range allows your child to look fashionable, while ensuring that they are warm and
protected from the elements.

The move to infant French clothing has been encouraged by a number of high profile
celebrities who have taken on the style for their own families. The French range of
younger fashion is starting to have a major impact on the recent "Urban" styles
which were prominent in the US. Times have changed, and the French are back.

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