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If you want to win through your greater knowledge in Civ 5, you must have the power up through technologies until you can create your own Space Shuttle that will launch. Although Civ 5 has a lot of pitfalls, it can be accomplished through diplomacy and careful planning.

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Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


1. You have to calm down everyone. Your main concern is to research on technology as fast as you can. If there is another civilization that wants your technology, just hand it over to them. Do not get yourself entangled in a war.

2. You have to keep your research at 80-90%. You have to balance the happiness and productivity. If you overwork your citizens, they will get mad and your research will stop. If your citizens are angry, deal with their problems and move on.

3. You need to disregard political technologies or save for last, at least. Most of these technologies are just secondary compared to your aim in science. So don’t waste your time if you don’t need them. 

4. You must keep up your civic improvements. Walls, granaries, recycling centers, hospitals, aqueducts and other similar establishments will help in keeping your citizens productive and also happy.

5. You have to build an Orbital Elevator which is important in launching the Space Shuttle.

6. You have to make the parts of the Space Shuttle (SS) as soon as possible. You have to build: one Docking Bay, five SS Thrusters, an SS Cabin and an SS Life Support.

7. Launch! Your goal is accomplished after you have finishing the Space Shuttle.

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