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The Ox and Monkey are very different people yet their differences complement each other. The Ox provides a solid home environment whereas the energetic Monkey develops a lot of interesting schemes. The Ox does not feel threatened by the Monkey and hence this partnership sustains.

Ox Personality
The Ox is a very stable and reliable animal. Just like its animal counterpart that goes day after day helping the farmer to plough the field without a complaint, Ox people are very hardworking, stick at a task longer than anyone else and keep going. They are very meticulous and systematic and prefer to stick with the known rather than the unknowns. Ox people also divide the world into 2 categories – the good and the bad and they stick with their decisions without any regrets.

The Ox can be even-tempered for most part but if you have managed to anger the Ox then start running immediately because they can be very impulsive when they get angry. The Ox people are very possessive and protective in nature especially when it comes to family. They can very stubborn and conservative, but they are also very patient and caring which makes them a very good friend to have.

In love the Ox people usually choose a partner who will be quick to put a protective arm around them in times of need and their love for someone usually lasts a lifetime.

Monkey Personality
Monkeys are curious energetic people who cannot stay bored for too long. Give a Monkey a boring book, they will convert it to a very interesting play and may invite friends to watch them perform for free! Because of their high energy nature monkeys are the center of attention in many parties. They are also like to play pranks on people and may unintentionally end up hurting someone. And they may expect you to heal your hurt yourself because Monkeys do not have the capacity to put themselves in another person’s shoes and display empathy. But this does not mean that they are not caring people.

Monkeys are very good problem solvers and will go all the way to help someone with their homework. They are strong-minded thinkers and analyze a problem in half the time and would charge double the cost. Because they are very intelligent they can adapt to any career.

Money to money is something that needs to be used to live life. With their numerous hobbies and passion for life they may end up spending a lot. Emotionally Monkeys are slightly insecure and they also show their emotions. When they are happy or sad people around them usually know what mood a Monkey usually is in.

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