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An option for Cheap holidays Sharm is to be in the organized day trips offered to tourists by many travel agents and tour operators.  Because of the crazy traffic in Egypt, it is much more advisable to be in an organized day trip than to rent a car.  Egypt is said to have a very high rate of traffic fatalities per mile driven.  With organized day trips, you are relieved from the extra costs of driving a car like rent, gas and parking tickets, and the effort of winding through the insane traffic and finding the correct directions.  Aside from the ease of having experienced drivers and tour guides, you are guaranteed one of the cheap holidays!

There are a variety of cheap organized day trips available to Sharm tourists, be it by car or boat.  The most popular ones include trips to Ras Mohamed, St. Catherine’s monastery, the Colored Canyon and the Mount Sinai.  There are options too for cheap camel rides and Bedouin dinners. 

The cost of the trips varies from one operator to another.  Request for quotations from the operators and ask recommendations from other tourists.  Do a little research.  There are some willing to negotiate the prices and a few who offer discounts (such as group or bulk discounts).  Also, check with your tour operator if their fees include entrance fees or gear fees; some operators give a quote excluding of these.

Luxurious hotels offer packaged excursions.  Because of their brand, they charge pretty much higher than any other.  If you want Cheap holidays Sharm you might want to try to look for outside companies.  Also, book your trips in advance for a bigger chance in discounts.

 There are other things you also might want to ask your operators as these might affect your preferences:

?    Some tours become very crowded.  Ask your operator how many tourists will be on the trip.

?    Ask the kind of vehicle you will be using for the trip.  Some tourists are uncomfortable riding in minibuses.

?    Inquire on the actual length of time the trip and the activities will take so as to not have conflicts.  This also varies between different operators.  Give time allowances between trips too.  Be aware that some schedules change a bit even after having booked the trip.

Keep in mind that for such an option of cheap holidays Sharm, what you expect or made to expect is not what you always get.  Anticipate that some things will be a little worse.  Some might even turn out better.  Either way, make the most out of your cheap holidays Sharm by having fun!

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