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We all enjoy haggling over the price, whether we pay for haircut, clothes or taxi. In the past it was a common practice when purchasing or bartering for different source of goods or service. It was possible for example to strike a bargain when paying for a stage coach but in the course of time we no longer haggle over the taxi price.

On occasions when a seller was unsure of the price, the auctions were particularly useful. In the late 17th century the auctioning were conducted at coffeehouses and taverns throughout London. In the early 18th century the great auction houses were created and despite lack of social approval they gained great popularity.

Nowadays people can bid electronically without any geographical, time or social constraints. As a result of a success with online auction sales, different companies offer their customers to get the best money for the items or service.

Similarly, FairFare.co.uk ( http://www.fairfare.co.uk ), national online booking taxi provider, has decided to introduce a new feature of Taxi Reverse Auction. It has been created with the hope of letting taxi operators to set the best price for airport taxi transfers. Therefore, taxi operators place their price bid which then is presented to a passenger who may accept it or wait for the possibility of a better taxi price. Definitively, a passenger is to get a decent price for their airport taxi because taxi drivers compete and willingly tender more attractive prices.

Hopefully, the new opportunity to haggle over the taxi price will be beneficial to both passengers and taxi operators. If you want to see for yourself how bidding over taxi price works, you may visit http://www.fairfare.co.uk.

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