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Every business wants to build their reputation in the local area. Whether it’s taking part in fundraisers, putting on your own charity events, or lending a helping hand; there is no better way to really become part of the community.

If your company had never considered strategic corporate giving, why not? More than being just a marketing tool, ‘giving back’ is one of the best ways to thank your customers, prospects, and peers for helping you get where you are today.

Here we will look at a number of the main benefits of strategic corporate giving:

Community relationships

Giving back and helping your community really builds strong relationships with fellow businesses, customers and prospects. Networking is hugely important in modern business, and corporate giving is one of the easiest, most effective ways to build lasting relationships.


A strategic giving programme helps you stand out from the crowd. Rather than being « just another business », you become a business that is making a difference. However you choose to help out, corporate giving makes you memorable.

This is especially beneficial for smaller companies who many not be able to compete with big budgets. Doing something for your community will get you noticed and make you a household name.

Build a buzz

In terms of marketing and creating a stir, little would be more effective.

The media loves stories of big companies helping « the little people », charity fundraisers, and crazy ways of raising money. By getting involved in – or starting your own – corporate giving activity, you can get some great publicity.

Send out press releases in the run up to the event, and invite the media along to take snaps of the activity in action. This is a money-can’t-buy means of promotion, and a really effortless way to build a buzz around your company.

Maximise sales

In recent years there has been a huge boom around eco-friendly and fair trade products. By investing your money in great projects and giving something back, your business can fit into this bracket.

Customers love to buy from companies who are doing their bit. If you show you care about your customers and your community, they are much more likely to buy from you. In this sense then, you can really maximise your ROI from corporate giving.

Productive workforce

In the same way your customers want to buy from a company that gives back, your employees want to work in this kind of environment.

Staff feel good about being part of something that makes a difference, and relish doing something to help out their neighbours. This brings a real sense of pride in both themselves and the company. Ultimately, this makes them want to work harder for you.

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