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The  B2B e-Marketplace comprise of large amount of B2B traders or marketers. They inquire,  buy and  sell daily on the platform. However there is more than just buying and selling on the platform. For example, how the buyers can get the suppliers those who understand their appetites and personalities in addition to the product’s specification or payment terms. So the social media network is a supplement to bridge this gap. Although the viral marketing and social media are quite popular now, most of them are limited to B2B marketing or message posting.  

Turn the Buzz Words to Real Business

We hear a lot of buzz words like « B2B », « social media network », « internet marketing », « viral marketing », and etc. B2B e-Marketplace is definitely separated from social media network. However the internet traders are using both to sell and trade. I believe if combining B2B e-Marketplace and social media network, the new selling power will be generated and more reliable business network will be established.

In social media network, we learn the background of the person you are dealing with in the business, including his education, the positions he held before, experience, interest, his group, daily activities, and etc. In B2B marketplace, we know what he is selling or buying, his products’ information, his dealing records (enquires, invoices, and etc). If both are integrated, we can see the whole picture of the person you are dealing with. As an Internet trader, I am sure you not only want to know the company introduction and product specification. You also intend to understand his all details. If you can do that, more reliable and securer business partnership can be built through restrict selection of business partners.  

The communication on activities update is another weakness of B2B portal. In tradition, you might contact your business partner occasionally or when you do the business with him. If he can publish the authenticated message or daily activities online, you will get those updates almost real-time. It will be helpful to both parties and let the people in his group know the updates. For example, he will take 3-week off for holidays in Caribbean Sea. He just places this update online and all people in the group will know it. So you or any people can do the same thing through social media network.

What If the Other Business Persons I Really Want to Know

For more B2B Portal you can send the message directly to the person or company you really want to know and wait for their reply. So all others business people to you like strangers. In social media network, you can join any group. You can get introduced to a stranger through the personal you know already. You can also write your proper introduction and profiles and let other people stick to you.


It would be a new bomb if B2B e-Marketplace portal and social media network are successfully integrated. The  EasyTrade.com promises to develop the B2B e-Marketplace Portal in many new rooms and brings wonderful experience to our members.    

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