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Static model aircraft also known as non flying models of existing airplanes are scaled down versions of the original size, length and wing span using mahogany wood as base material that are supported with steel as stem and base stand. Each model is carefully handcrafted and sculpted into detail, also hand painted by professional artists with only a minimal use of airbrush and stencils.

Aviation Modelworks offers more than 500 distinct aircraft designs and models including military, airlines and commercial planes, plaques and seals. These also include NASA models, World War aircrafts, signed collectibles, fantasy models, history, racing & unusual kinds, helicopters, modern military planes, multi-era military planes, rockets among the others.

Aviation Modelworks also provide services to customize model planes the way our customers want them to be and to their requests and so as personalized planes as well. Aviation Modelworks create model planes that are best for company giveaways and for memorabilia displays.

With only the best quality materials available for exact custom design or the original design, Aviation Modelworks provides products that will last a lifetime of memories with a very reasonable cost.

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