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The men & women of the US military do an excellent job serving our country & do quite a bit of travel for business & when they go on leave. What most vets are not aware of are the military discount airline tickets airlines offer in appreciation of the valuable & often dangerous service they provide for our country.

In order to book your military discount airline tickets you will want to book your flight well in advance & call a number of different airlines to find the best offer. Each airline will have its own criteria for providing proof of your active military status, & you will want to have that proof ready & handy.

Once you have spoken with a number of different airlines & have an idea of what is required, be sure to check with online sites such as Expedia, Priceline, & Travelocity to see if you can get a better rate.

Take your time & do your homework. Given that active military folks are often on a tight budget, getting this discount can really make a difference. It is not uncommon to find military discount airline tickets that offer nearly 3/4 off regular price. That kind of discount can make the difference between getting home to visit family on leave when you would not otherwise be able to afford the trip.

For retired vets & those not on active duty, you can get military discount airline tickets by enrolling with a company called Veterans Advantage. In addition to the discounted plane tickets, membership with this company gives exclusive discounts on computers, sporting goods, movies, & much more. If you travel often & take advantage of the other benefits this company offers, a membership may be well worth the price.

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