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Reach Puerto Vallarta by air, sea or bus and delight in an exciting trip. After a few tips, you can be assured of a safe vacation to Puerto Vallarta. Find out more about the standard charges for rented cars, taxis and buses. Transportation facilities are rather cheap, thus you can plan all outdoor excursions without being worried about the fares. Shopping and outdoor activities are equally cheap and an exciting attraction in a vacation to Puerto Vallarta. While commuting within the towns, you will learn much more about the differences in public and private transport.

The Local Tourism industry began to take shape in 1950’s. That is when Gustavo Diaz Ordaz became a busy airport. Frequent commercial flights began to commute from here. 1960 onwards, flights were not the only mode to commute. People began to travel more often on taxis too. The airport is very accommodating and provides numerous facilities. There are small shops, a bar and a café. At the airport, you will easily find taxis that will take you to your destination.

This warm destination has managed to maintain its charm and is still inviting those who prefer the sublime, tropical weather. Arrive at Puerto Vallarta on a Cruise and your luxurious trip will become more magnificent as you will see the captivating sights all along the coast. Terminal Marítimo is docked with ships such as Carnival, Holland-America, Norwegian, Princess and Royal Caribbean for your convenience. A trip to Puerto Vallarta on a cruise will certainly make your trip more magical.

A variety of vehicles are available for your convenience so that your trip is worth every penny. Facilities such as driver, air conditioned car, can all easily be arranged. Visit all the towns of Puerto Vallarta in a comfortable rented car.

Puerto Vallarta’s taxi syndicates have been working on keeping a consistent fare for all areas and customers in Puerto Vallarta. Tourists can travel safely knowing that they will not be charged too much. It might be hard to catch a taxi or a bus in the next few days because the highways will be packed with increased number of visitors next week. To remain on the safe side, tourists should negotiate about the fares before hiring a taxi. In Puerto Vallarta, you will often find taxi drivers persuading you to visit some particular restaurant. Don’t be fooled. They normally convince clients because they are promised commission for bringing visitors. So if you are visiting Puerto Vallarta for the first time, do your own research before deciding which places you wish to visit.

Don’t be afraid to try food from the various restaurants. The Tepic Local Health Department recently inspected a number of restaurants and closed down the ones that were not serving well or following the standards. Some were fined for hygiene infractions. All the other restaurants are working on keeping their standards up to the mark, since this was a wake up call for others.

CANACO is looking for regional entrée’s who are good at perfecting the local cuisine. Join their search for the best local cuisine on the 18th of April at Los Arcos, between 3 and 4 pm. If you want to find an even cheaper means of transport, then look for a bus stop. Surely they are much cheaper than rented cars and taxis. An advantage with the cheap buses is that they offer some sights of Puerto Vallarta that you would miss otherwise. You will also be amused with the gay friendly atmosphere in the buses. If you are lucky you may discover the sights and sounds of Puerto Vallarta on these local vehicles when random entertainers and singers are on board. If their bohemian music or cultural, Mexican song is inspiring, then tip them generously. Try candies on these buses if a local Mexican sells them. These candies will leave a special memory of Puerto Vallarta.

For more information on rental properties in Puerto Vallarta, also abbreviated as PV, contact Pvrpv dot com at the following numbers. Their Mexican office number is 322.222.0638 and if you are calling from the USA or Canada you can call on their local Vonage number 206.388.3703. Pvrpv dot com has successfully been servicing the tourists & local community for some years now. They have a knowledgeable and friendly staff that knows about rental properties in Puerto Vallarta and they will eagerly welcome you and help you in finding a resort.

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