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A Letter for My Governor

A  Letter

For My


The Profile, Prospects, The Problems, and the promise of A People Rejected, Oppressed, Repressed, Neglected and Abandoned by Her Government over Three Centuries


Alfredarian P I Edefe

Author of The Historic

Taming The Wilderness

Mission Digest Series


As Delta State inaugurates His Excellency, The Governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, On Monday, January 10, 2011, At the Cenotaph, Asaba, Following His Victory at the Re-Run Governorship Election On January 6, 2011

I Wish To Congratulate His Excellency The Governor For Coming On Board Again For A Serious Business With Deltans. This, I Solemnly Want To Do On Behalf Of My Self, Family and Entire Oza Dukedom: Wishing Deltans and All Peace Loving People Of This Unique State A Happy Celebration.

While Doing So, I Want to Draw the Attention of the Amiable Governor to Some nifty Issues Affecting the General Well-being of the Oza-Nogogo People in This Treatise I Tagged:

Oza – Nogogo: Not Far Away

I Wish You A Happy Reading And The Lord God Bless You Richly!

Chapter      1

The battle for the self-effacement and self-emancipation of the  Oza-Nogogo people is as old as the history of Oza itself. Oza-Nogogo is the boundary Community lying situate in the Delta North Senatorial District. It is the third largest Community in Ika South LGA of Delta State after Agbor, and Abavo.

Oza is the language spoken by the people of Oza-Nogogo. It is a variant accent mixed up with Bini, Ishan, Isoko & Owan tongues. Oza-Nogogo is a community of ten villages and towns. She has an official population of more than 100,000 people both home and abroad.The Great Orhionmwon River bounded this Community in the North- with Ogan and Igbanke sandwiching her. To the East/West, she is bounded by the Agbor –Alisimie speaking Communities.

Today, Oza-nogogo is referred to as a village of Agbor Community. Let us get the facts right. Oza-Nogogo is a Community in Agbor Kingdom of Ika South LGA of Delta State and not a village  of Agbor. Oza-Nogogo is a Community whose tradition, custom, liturgy, language, greetings, culture, festivals, religion and manners are quite unique and  distinct from all the neighbouring towns and villages arround her.

Just as no abavo [awo] man  claims to be an Owa man, or an Ijaw claiming to be an Istekiri, Ishan claiming Bini or an Ndokwa to claim Aniocha; likewise, it will suffice you to know that Oza has no identical bearings with any known tribes and Community around her. She is exactly the fish in the salty ocean that is itself not salty!

During the late 30’s and up to the 1980’s, Oza fought politically with all vigor to be liberated from her oppressors and task masters. This struggle had over the years been misconstrued by all and sundry, because no outsider knows the contents of her struggles. Oza-Nogogo will not reject her land, nor was she saying she does not belong to the body polity of Ika hemispheres. What the true Oza had been agitating for in  over two centuries ago is to be liberated from the shackles of domineerism, marginalization and the culture of assimilation.

Way back 1819 up to 1900s, Oza has never accepted defeats. Neither will the present Oza-Nogogo of the 21st century give up the the struggle for self emancipation. All her  heroes and gallant warlords from late Ogises Ogumbor Ekpede, John Eboigboidin Agada and Omoregie Isibor, to mention a few, have fought logically with blood drilling from their hands. Many of her children were tortured and maimed, while some were dehumanized and  killed at the stakes in the then thick no-go area forest zones besides  the present site of the Dein’s Palace of Imeobi. Especially in the inglorious years between 1943 and 1948.

By 1906 for instance part of Oza’s struggle for self-recognition was the desire to have a separate Congruous Area Council and a clan. She had desired a place where she, her children  and her leaders speaks and understand themselves in one unique sacrosanct tongue; without a middle man to interpret or pilfer into their discussions. Just as no true Ibo, Hausa, or Yoruba person will like to speak another tongue when they are within the suburbs of their kith and kins. Oza along that line demanded to have a homogeneous Area Customary Court. This struggle was one of the root causes of the famous Owa/Raddie War of 1906. This is one of the many  local Histories which our people will never forget in a hurry about  that tribal war between them .

Owa has always being a true friend and ally of the Oza people alongside  the Abavo kingdom. In those years, all the Community Leaders from Igbanke  even going to Amahor in Ishan, and then  back, up to  Utokpo, Owa, Abavo, Umunede, Otolokpo, Agbor –Eku now Ekuku Agbor, Mbiri among  other comity of Ika nations and clans always looked  up to Oza-Nogogo which they sarcastically call « Ozarra » meaning desert to provide leadership among them. This was understandable to them because they saw Oza as the true Regency of the Oba –in- Council who was the Custodian of all traditional rites, privileges, norms and ethos. Moreover some of  the Obas,  even before Oba Ewuare The Great- 1440-1473AD- have had their Military Garrisons Stationed in Oza-Nogogo. Ezomo and Esogban were the notable Warlords and Captains of renowned from Oza-Nogogo.

Late chief Jeriton Mariere who later became the governor of former Mid- west  State and the OZUBULU IGBO born Late Chief Oranu  both of blessed memories among others were the foremost members of the arbitration panel set up in 1943 to find out Oza’s grievances. When Oza gave the  reasons as mentioned above, among other issues plaguing them, it was agreed that Oza had genuine case to be settled. The approval was given for Oza to have a homogeneous Area Customary Court, a congruous Area Council, a Clan and a Health Center among other social amenities she demanded from her Colonial Masters. But all these never saw the light of the day because Oza was always a minority.

One should imagine how  sad these great men and the past Ancestors of Oza will be to wake up today, seeing Oza-Nogogo still remained in the oppressive, repressive, retrogressive obsessive regime of their detractors!


It is interesting to note that through self- help efforts, Oza  evenhandedly built her dispensary/maternity between 1957 and 1958. It was at that place our present amiable Secretary to Delta state Government, Hon.(Dr.) Ifeanyi Athor Okowa was born. This was when his mother was the then pioneer matron of that medical outfit.It is saddened to note on the other hand  too, that nothing had been added to the structure, beauty, and design of that dispensary in the past fifty years.

If there is anything any thing to go bye,Oza today needs a befitting ultra- modern  government Hospitable in that land. Many potential indigents have lost their lives from one form of emergency sickness, domestic/industrial accidents to the other due to poor roads and long distance to the nearest hospital which is 12 kilometers away from the Community.


Oza-nogogo converted her abandoned self-help modern school built in 1959/60 to a Secondary/ Commercial School in 1977. This was after the Teachers’ Training College that was to be sited there in 1960 was diverted to Asaba. Since thirty years ago to date, no Government of any regime had deemed it fit to buy a zinc over the leaking roof of any of the classrooms, much  more to replace the dilapidated windows, doors and ceilings. This school was given government approval in 1976, only  when another friend of Oza, Prince Philip Ivie Jegbefume, now late of Abavo was the Commissioner for Education in Benin City  the State Capital of former Bendel State.

In the face of the massive rehabilitation  works and the awards  of contracts for the reconstruction/ constructions of perimeter fences of the Secondary Schools in Delta State by the Post Primary Education Board of Ibori’s 8 years successful administration, the only State approved Secondary School in Oza-Nogogo was not remembered, let alone to refurbish, renovate or furnish the school with the needed equipment for a conducive learning atmosphere.


Oza-Nogogo was the first to built and own a Postal Agency in 1956 after Umunede, in the the then Ika Division. It was only after 40 years the Postal Agency was graded to the status of a Sub-Post Office. This is where Oza begins to wonder whether she really belongs to Delta State in particular and Nigeria in general. Oza has been on zaniness for too long.



During the 1963 & 1973 National population head counts, Oza-Nogogo was carefully omitted in the records made available to this writer at the census office. In the 1991 census head count, only 4,925 people representing the figures of three out of the ten towns that made up Oza-Nogogo were used to represent the entire Community. The major towns were deliberately removed by the Evil Hands that have vowed to retard the progress of Oza-Nogogo in order to reduce the people to a state of servile dependency in the area.


IT took the grace of God and the magnanimity of Chief James Onanefe Ibori to deliver Oza from extinction between 2002/2004. Before this time, Oza was compressed into one single ward of 18 official units comprising Evboisimie [Alisimie,] Oza-Nogogo, Evboesor, Omumu, Evboliha and Evboezomo {aka} Alienor. You can imagine the culture of assimilation put on the highest order,  so Oza may lost her identity. Where 18 community speak Ika and only Oza was left alone to decode what the others speak at political meetings in their local Ika dialects was the hight of apartheid regime against Oza. Only eternity will reward his Excellency, former Governor James Ibori for given Oza an indigenous ward compressing of about 15 polling units. This was just 45% of the answers to the prayers our elders had prayed to the government since 1819.


in march 1987, Oza-Nogogo was named by the then Bendel state government as one of the three new urban centers in Ika local government area of the state. Then two months later, the status of an urban centre was striped off from Oza and given to another community through the witty contrivers of evil hands. Once again on February 27th 2003, Oza applied to His Excellency, the Governor of Delta State to please grant her the status of a clan amongst the 250 comity of autonomous communities in Delta state. Oza is not recognized even as a Dukedown, let alone, a Kingdom. We humbly deserve this status to be a clan more than anything else.

You can imagine the humiliation for Oza, to see Evboesor popularly called Alisor- to have been lifted above Oza. For the purpose of posterity, let it be known by all and sundry that Evbeosor was founded by the grand-son of Oza. Oza means treasure- it is a corruption of the Bini name for Aza. Aza was a confidant Chief of the Oba of Benin Kingdom.

He had two wives named Princesses Odu and Imiekha. Aza founded Oza. It was  from those gorgeous and braided native hair-dos of the two princesses called okuku-oliye-ogogoro in Bini parlance, the  corrupted version  –Nogogo- came about during the  inter- tribal  crises of those years. The N’ogo’go became an appellation added to Oza to distinguish the greater Oza away from the other OZA-NIGBIGBE [Oza of ten Communities] in Diasporas.

The first wife Odu gave birth to four sons-who were:

(1)   Uvbe– Now administrative headquarters of Oza-Nogogo

(2)  Owuwu,

(3)   Ebi and

(4)   Ewan {Iduenwan}.

He was the last born of the five  direct  sons of Aza. He gave birth to two sons: one left Ewan community to settle on a farm land which later became known as Udin-neha meaning Site of the Trippe Palm Trees {known today as Neha town in Oza-Nogogo}. The second son accompanied his sister as a house help to her marriage at Evbudo. When he grew up, he left the sister’s house to begin his adult life with his family at the present site called Evbo-Esor, Land of Esor {Alisor} which he founded. Today, the Esor people, speak the Oza sacrosanct language as well as greets with the same traditional tribal salutations of the Ewan town, of Oza-Nogogo.

Princess imiekha the second wife  had a male  child called Udo . He left the presence of his family to settle at where we have the present Evbudo descent of Oza. One of Udo’s offspring grew up as a peer-group with his second cousin the founder of Esor.They both farmed and went for hunting expeditions together. While the later settled at the Esor site, the former went  a few poles ahead to pitch his tent at where he was convenient near his brother at the site now called Evbonekha. He was  a favorite pet of his grand mother Imiekha hence he decided to immortalize her name. One of their sisters  later gave birth to baby Omomo.Years later, the little chap went up to settle at the present site at Omomo.His brothers and friends always teased and called him our little baby- Meaning Omomo till this day!


Ezomo was one great hunter, farmer, wrestler and a war captain who hailed from Ewan town. He was an intelligent, amorous and afable ally of the Ojisi of Oza who   stationed him North West of Oza to help the Obi wade off external aggressors. He was given a formidable army; some amongst whom also see  to the affairs of the  Obi Palace such as the Esogban from Evboebi and Ewase.

With intriques and power play from the distracters of Oza, Ezomo was made to defect from his root-Oza with his garrison. Thus, he settled finally there at the site called Egua-ezomo. Years latter,after his death his kith and kins  came back to settle their scores with brothers at Oza.This explains why you still hear the name OZA-NIGBIGBE: Meaning The Oza of ten Communities which comprises then of:

  1. Uvbe
  2. Owuwu
  3. Evbo-ebi
  4. Evbo-udo
  5. Idumwu-ewan
  6. Idumwun-neha
  7. Evbo-esor
  8. Evbonekha
  9. Omomo
  10. Eguai-ezomo.



Oza has four types of salutations for greetings which distinguishes her five main children of the same father from one another. The Uvbe family greets Ll’evbe- with his half brother of the same father –Evbudo- (called Alibudo by the Ibos). Owuwu family greets Labo with one of his step sons at Neha. Evboebi greets – Leso, while Ewan, the last born salutes  Legiewan with his sons Esor and Ezomo- who founded Alisor and Eguaezomo.

Generally all males of the ten families of this unofficial Clan « Ozanigbigbe«  greet their seniors « Karaah eh » while Bini will say « Kaadah » after taken their meals and when it is already past Four PM in the evenings. Meanwhile our women salute with « Ookpeeh » after meals and late evenings. Also when you are setting out for any kind of journey, you will be told Khie’engieh or Okhian’ eewee.’ Meaning:, fare-well or Safe journey. When you are back you are greeted with « Obhokian » « alluah ».

We greet « ooteeh »as a salutation for someone in leisures and « Ooteeooh » as sympathy for the person in pains or sorrowful. These salutations are still the common denominational features in the greetings of Evbo-Ezomor, Evbo-Oliha, Omomo [Meaning our Baby in Oza tongue] and Evbo-Esor Communities that had claimed Ika Nationalities and dukedoms. Now listen, it becomes a hard sell today that the Esor of Evbosor is preferred above the Ogisi of Oza at the Council of traditional Rulers in Ika South LGA.

IN THE URHOBO dynasty of Delta State for instance, they have  about 20 or more congruous kingdoms under the same aegis of Urhobo nation. They are firm and united with no rancour among the royal fathers. When all animals are gathered together; they still know who is their leader, whether he is present or absent! The Owa kingdom, Abavo kingdom, Idumesah kingdom, as well as the Otukpo and Mbiri with Umunede kingdoms are all Ika speaking peoples, alongside the main Agbor kingdom. All these kingdoms have their Obis and the Dein of Agbor land as their paramout rulers, with two LGA areas.



THE PARAMOUNT RULER of Oza is addressed by the title of OJISI.{Meaning the King in Diasporas} because no two men are called Oba in Benin Kingdom. Presently in Bini Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, the Omonoba Nedo, Uku Akpolokpo had converted that title of Ojisi to Enogie.The Enogie is simply a regency of the Oba in Council of a dukedom.

ALL THOSE WHO were bearing that Ojisi titles are like the Ambassadors of Bini Kingdom away from the Home Government. During the creation of the two States, Edo and Delta Oza was severed away from her true homogenous State of Bini Speaking Edo from former Bendel State. We were not accorded our human dignity and respects for political, social and economic reasons.

OZA HAS NO CASE with Agban (Agbor) his younger brother and fellow pilgrims from the same kindred palace and under the former tutelage of His Royal Majesty- the Oba of Benin.Thrice Oza has had heir apparent to the Agbor Throne by inter-marriage. Two were allowed to rule, while the other was denied the throne. Among the three, the present Dein of Agbor Kingdom has a mother who is of Oza descent. It is not sufficient for the world to claim that Oza is Agbor, rather, Agbor co-existed with Oza but both are distinct in all spheres of life.

We have long accepted Agbor as the Political, Commercial and Administrative Headquarters of Ika South Local Government Council but Oza remains the traditional Headquarters and heartbeat of Ika South LGA, just like every has taken Asaba as our State Headquaters without necessarily becoming an Oshimili or Aniocha by naturalisation.  Not all Lagosians are Yoruba and not all Abuja settlers are Kwarrikpa indigenes of the FCT! Oza knows where she is going to and what she needed. Only how and when to get there and by whom; are the challenges before her. However, you  His Excellency, my  amiable Governor can fast forward her prospects as a true man of the People and lover of the Ika nation.


Oza Market

OZA MARKET– the 3rd largest after Abavo and Ekuku Agbor needs a face lift. It was built by the people of the Community through self help. We need new market stalls and social amenities of modern markets.


OZA IS A POTENTIAL investors, paradise, she need to be opened up for development for commercial and chronue reason, presently bounded in the North by Igbanke a seven minute drive away from the heart  of Oza, need to be linked with a bye pass from both the Abudu/Oza-Aibiokunla Axis enroute Abuja. Also Benin through Oza-Alisimie Igbanke to link up the Mbiri/Umunede Abuja link road.Oza is centrally placed to open up all the network of commercial activities between Delta and her neighboring states


THE 16 KILOMETER’S drive link road from Omumu through Oza to Alisimie / Agbor Obi was awarded in the last administration for asphalt tarring. In the face of all the massive road revampation carried out in the past administration, Oza was cut off from benefiting from that fruit of democratic devidends.The evil hand, went into actions again. The work commenced from the Benin/Agbor- Omomo axis of the expressway through to Omumu and stopped before getting into the Oza speaking Evboesor land.

THEY LEAPED FROGGED from there and went to Alisimie to begin work from Egbima Market {Afia-Ogbome} through Alisimie to terminate 500 meters away into Ewan, in Oza land at the North. What went wrong is still the answer we hope to get by tomorrow why  Oza roads cannot be tarred-either from the Dein Palace which is a 6 kilometre stretch to Ogogo Market or from the  Alisimie axis via Ogwanede/Ogumbor Ekpede Road into Uvbe town of Oza –Nogogo.


The administration of Chief James Ibori made a statement in favour of Oza during the first laps of the the two tenures. It was published vide the Vanguard newspapers that a Kaolin processing factory would be sited in the land of Oza. Seven years on, we are still waiting in the blues. Kaolin, one of the seven mineral deposits so far found in the land of Oza within the last two decades is yet to be explored. We remain grateful to Chief Ibori who allows the sitting of boreholes at Oza through Bro. Ifeanyi Okowa when he was Commissioner for works and water resources. We still believe that in his capacity as the Secretary to Delta state Government, he will remember Oza as his second home by birth.

Though it is natural for man to abuse the natural gift of God, palm wine is not just a natural liquor meant for  human consumption to drink and get intoxicated. In fact that is an abuse of the product. Oza-Nogogo is a land naturally endowed with the beauty of creation. At its finest, Oza has the best palm wine products in the whole of Nigeria.

Medically speaking palm wine is a raw material for the production of mentholated spirits, TCP ointments, Sloan’s liniment etc for the treatment of fresh wounds, and surgical operation. A medical factory to undertake the production of such materials could be sited here to open up this community just like we currently have palm wine market at Mosogar under construction. This will boost up employment opportunities for all the unemployed youths within and outside the locality.

Language News Broadcasts.

In This era of massive innovations in the information technology, the need for Government to carry the masses at the grassroots along in creating awareness of it activities at various levels or organs of government through information dissemination is not supposed to be over emphasized.

Oza-nogogo with a population of over 100,00 both home and abroad, though a mediocrity tribe in Delta state, need to have the state news broadcast both in Radio and TV read in her homogenous, sacrosanct Oza tongue. These will first and foremost, create a sense of belonging to our own people. They can on their own contribute objectively to all the activities of government. Today, at Oza, all old and young seen staying give to their Radio and tv sets listening to media news broadcast read in Bini and Ishan dialects from the neighboring Edo state. I implore the Government of Delta State to direct the ministry of information to allow the local news and local magazine programs read in Oza dialect.


The community has always being an AGIP Community. They have never at any dispensation, belong to an opposition party. She is always with Any Government in power. The last time a seating Governor visited the Community was in 1986 by General J.T.Useni.This was when we were under the defunct Bendel State. From the time we were under the former Western Region, then Mid-west and finally Bendel State, we always had State Administrators, Governors and key stake holders’ visit with the Oza Community.

General Useni was very impressed with the hospitable disposition of the Community that he made no hesitation in approving the sum of #1,000,000.00 [One Million Naira] for the completion of the Oza/Agbor Water Supply Sheme that had been abandoned ten years earlier before his State visit. Moreover, the Community left no stone unturned during the Bendel State Development Fund Raising. She raised the Sum of #20,000.00 during the Phase1 of the exercise and #10,000.00 during the second phase.


The oza water Project was tagged Oza/ Agbor Water Supply Scheme awarded to Paulosa Nigeria Ltd based at Oghosa Crescent, GRA Benin  City  who was at the same time  in charge of  the Agbor/Owa Water Supply Scheme as well. It was two contracts awarded to one company in two Phases. The Oza/Agbor Water Works was known as phase 1 sited at The Oza/Alisimie Boundary town of Ewan in Oza-Nogogo while The Agbor /Owa was called Phase 11 and was sited at the Agbor/Owa Boundary town by Ika Grammar School axis now in Ika North East LGA of the State.

The purpose of siting the Oza water Works by the Oza/ Evboisimie Boundary was the kind humanitarian gesture by the then Ward 3 Councilor, Hon. Chief  E. E.Ikhu-Omoregbee now late,  who defeated his opponent from Evboisimie  with one vote due to the massive supports he enjoyed from that Community!  This action later brought disafection between the former Councilor and some of Elites the Oza Community as they never see any reason while Oza and Ibo speaking tribe should be joined in affinity.

Upon the reception of the One Million Naira disbursed by the then Government of  Bendel  State for the completion of the Oza –Nogogo Water Scheme, the hands of our adversaries quickly manipulated their way and diverted the fund for the Project to the Agbor/Owa Water Scheme about 25 kilometers away from Oza- Nogogo. It was then amended to read Oza-Nogogo/Agbor water supply phase1 and 11.

The phase 11 of the Agbor /Owa project was now called Oza /Agbor Water Supply Scheme Phase 11 and 111. With that arrangement put in place, the money approved for Oza cause was used to prosecute the phase 11 at Ika Grammar School. In later years, they came to the Dein Palace  Junction at Imeobi, enroute Oza-Nogogo to site a non-functioner bore hole there named Oza-Nogogo/Agbor water Supply Scheme Phase 111.Thereafter, a caveat was placed on the file of Oza-Nogogo at Asaba that  there was no water found at the Oza-Nogogo water scheme . It was concluded that it had dried up because only stones were in there!

The caveat was still there uptil sometime in year 1997 when this writer last followed up on that episode. However, it is on record that the content of the water volume at the two giant bole holes sank at the site in 1976 when opened for public use in that year flew for more than  one month on the dusty land of Oza from Ewan to Evbobune in Uvbe town spanning over 5 kilometers. One will like to ask that a return back to site for the assessment of the true position will help put paid to the lies told by our distracters.


No one oza man or woman has been appointed head of any Government Commission, Parastastal, Ministry or Institution since the creation of Delta State in August 27th 1991. However, suffice me to say that Oza had contributed immensely towards the economic and socio-political growth of this great Country at the National level. For instance the immediate past Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission Dr. Abel Guobadia is from the Oza dysent.

The legendary idia Niyi- Esigie whose mast is the Symbol of Nigerian Festac and the Logo of some Private Media outfit round the world was from the Oza dynasty.   No woman had ever gone to the battle field in the annals of history in the former Bini Empire until when Mama Idia led a military troop in her days to conquer. She was the Queen Mother of the famous warlord and later Oba of Benin Kingdom, The Oba Esigie – C 1504- 1550AD. The great     Idia College at Iyaro Benin City is named after this brazen woman of rare accomplishments

AS MENTIONED EARLIER, the Queen Mother of the Reigning Dein of Agbor Kingdom His Royal Majesty, King Kiagbor’ekuzi 1 is from the blessed land of the Oza-Nogogo people. I am glad that His Majesty is always happy to identify with us at any day and at any time.  In the present day arena, we have the erudite and veteran Nta reporter Felix Opute from Oza. The famous Nigerian Observer Newspapers paraded the likes of late [Hon] Dr. Salami who also served as Commissioner for Agriculture in the former Bendel State. Mr. Richard Amayo was a journalist to beat in Newspaper reporting as the Abuja Bureau De Chief  and later Editor of the Observer. He retired there and moved over to The Pointer Newspapers. Today he is the finest South- South  Regional  Editor for Thisday Newspapers.


We have the likes of Dr.Chief Sunday Ogbomo –CEO, Noma & Sons Nigeria Ltd as the National Vice-President, Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria. We have notable authors like Elder Francis Ikhu-Omoregbee among many. Sir Alex S.O Ikhu-Omoregbee retired from UAC as an Administrative Manager. He is today an employer of labour as Manager/Chief Executive. In the hospitality industry, Oza pride herself in having two of the best Five Star Hotels  in Edo State owned by her sons-The Royale Marble first among equals.

THREE SONS of the land had retired with impeccable records as Assistant Police Commissioners-Two among them served as O/C legal. These were Mr. Chris Ulakpa, Barrister Rufus Iyeke and Mr.Samson Oni Ogumbor amongst others. Captain Philips Agbokigboro, late Captain Idehen, and presently serving Wing Commander Owie have all being gallant military personnels for the Project Nigeria,  The present war against corruption in Nigeria has a great imput from Oza as many of our sons are holding sensitive key positions there. Delta State is yet to see any of these men or the upcoming generations qualified to handle key posts that are indigenes of this congruous homogenous Community. Any Government that will address these pyramids of challenges for Oza and her people will never fail in any conquest- personally and collectively. To that Government Oza will remain eternally and immeasurably grateful.

I TRUST THAT the administration of our amiable Dr. Emmanuel Ewetan Uduaghan who is a true friend of the Delta North Senatorial District and the erudite jurist, Prof. Amos Utuama will look inwards to accord Oza-Nogogo the pride of place she belongs, in a distance not far away! Think and Turn to remember Project  Oza for Good and you will never regret you did. Thank you very much.

Yours for Humanity,




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