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But what about the others? What about the all-inclusive package tour hotels which leave food sitting in the sun all day – open to swarms of flies and bacteria. What about the health risks to the holidaymakers? Thousands and thousands of holiday food poisoning cases are reported every year. Food poisoning cases which result from package tour holidays in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and the Dominican Republic are common. Personal injury claims for holiday illness are increasing in England since it became possible to claim compensation when you return to the UK.

Tourists and holidaymakers who suffer food poisoning in a holiday hotel or restaurant can now claim compensation when they get back to the UK. Not only will you end up suffering stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting after a bout of norovirus or food poisoning on holiday, you may also end up out of pocket. Medical expenses can mount up, and you can also claim compensation for food poisoning resulting in the non-enjoyment of your holiday.

But holiday accidents and illness are not confined to food poisoning. Children are particularly prone to ear infections from unclean swimming pools in package tour hotels. If the sausages don´t get you, kids, the pool water probably will. You can claim compensation from a personal injury solicitor in the UK for injury and illness suffered on holiday abroad.

What however is being done to prevent holiday makers falling ill through no fault of their own on holiday? Hundreds of holidaymakers have sued one particular beach hotel in southern Spain for serving food unfit for human consumption. This was not just one unfortunate incident, but seems to happen every summer. So it begs the question – does someone have to die before holiday hotels take their health and safety procedures more seriously where food hygiene is concerned?
Tour operators are ultimately responsible and need to take more responsibility when checking out possible hotels to recommend to their clients. Ask questions about the food and hygiene checks before booking your holiday, and make sure every possible step is taken to help reduce the risk of food poisoning. It may not just ruin your holiday but it could ruin your life.

Outbreaks of food poisoning and holiday illness have become increasingly common on cruise liners. And food poisoning holiday hotspots include: the Dominican Republic, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Kenya, Mauritius, Morocco, Egypt and the Maldives. If you suffer from food poisoning on holiday, or any other type of holiday illness abroad, contact a personal injury compensation claims solicitor when you get back to the UK.   holiday illness compensation claims solicitors

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