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Have you decided upon a Caribbean destination wedding? If so, you have lots of planning ahead of you. In fact, there are so many things to do; you may find yourself lost along the way. Continue reading on for a helpful destination Caribbean wedding to-do list.

Decide on a Budget

Most brides and grooms have a budget to work with. Know this budget ahead of time. However, also take into account that you are combining your wedding and honeymoon into one trip. This saves you money. For that reason, not only total up your wedding ceremony and reception budget, but your honeymoon budget too. This is how much you have to spend not only on your Caribbean wedding, but your travels.

Start Examining All-Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean

Right away, you may be thinking « but all-inclusive costs more. » Technically, it costs more upfront, but you are likely to walk away spending less. See, all-inclusive Caribbean resorts give you more than just a room; the cost of your food, drinks, tips, qualifying airport transfers, and some forms of onsite entertainment should be included well. If you are shopping on a budget, all-inclusive is the way to go. Aside from a few extra purchases here or there, it is easy to estimate the overall cost of your wedding travels. Even if you aren’t on a budget, all-inclusive plans a good percentage of your trip with ease.

Most importantly, all-inclusive resorts are known to offer guests free standard wedding ceremonies when they meet the minimum stay requirement. This requirement is often three or five nights. Since you are combining your honeymoon and wedding, it is easy to meet this requirement.

Compare and Contact Resorts

Once you have compared all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and believe you got the perfect fit, it is time to make contact. Although you can book your travel plans online, you still want to call the resort in question because you are planning a wedding. Ensure your wedding date is available for a ceremony. You will be paired with a wedding planner. Most resorts even give wedding planner access to guests who opt for nothing more than the free basic wedding. Your wedding planner can not only help you plan the ceremony, but get you started with the documents needed to legalize a marriage in a foreign country.

Start Notifying Guests

Unless you want your destination Caribbean wedding to be a private affair, you are likely to invite a few close friends or family members. By also opting for an all-inclusive resort, your guests can save time and money. Still, not everyone can afford a Caribbean vacation at the drop of a hat. For that reason, be sure to provide your guests with adequate notice. Moreover, understand that some may be unable to attend due to financial reasons. As for the notification, you can start with save the date magnets. Both these save the date magnets and your wedding invitations can be ordered with a beach theme.

Review the Resorts Wedding Upgrades

As previously stated, most all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean provide guests with a basic wedding ceremony. This may include a marriage license, minister fees, recorded music, witnesses or guest passes, a wedding cake, and candlelit dinner after the wedding. This is just the basics. If you want all the bells and whistles, review the resort’s list of updates online or speak to your wedding planner. Just a sample of the wedding upgrades typically available include: additional guest passes, floral designs, a limousine tour, a private live band, a private wedding reception, in-room hair, in-room make-up, and more.

Review Your Wedding Before Your Travel Dates

Provided you have your passport and made your travel plans, you might have been sitting around waiting for that special day to come. Before departing for the big event, contact your wedding planner again. It is time to once again review the plans for your wedding ceremony and reception (should you decide to have one). This last minute review is not only ideal for preventing errors due to miscommunication, but it is usually your last chance to make any changes.

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